Ellsworth Kelly: Blue Red Rocker, 1963

© Ellsworth Kelly Foundation/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Ellsworth Kelly -
Ellsworth Kelly’s freestanding sculpture takes the form of a folded ellipse. Elemental shapes, such as the ellipse are found in Kelly’s painting as well. On the relationship between his two- and three-dimensional work, the artist affirmed, “sculpture for me is something I’ve brought off the wall.” The two vibrant primary colours play off each other to the point of pulsation. Blue Red Rocker plays with flat and round: the surface’s extreme flatness contrasts with the ellipse’s bend.The artist points to the real world as his source of inspiration: “The found forms in a cathedral vault or in a panel of asphalt on a roadway seemed more valuable and instructive, an experience more sensual than geometrical painting".
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material and techniques used
painted aluminium
185 x 101 x 155 cm.
object number
BA 2338

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