Lucie Rie: vaas, 1953

Lucie Rie -
Displaced from Vienna, Lucie Rie settled in London and it was there she became a widely known English potter. Her aesthetic is informed by her interests in modern architecture and Roman pottery. Rie's early pots from Vienna were mainly black and white, decorated with austere lines either scratched through the glaze or inlaid into the clay. These works date from 1953, when Rie was exhibited along with Coper in English Ceramics at the Stedelijk Museum.These particular works were acquired after the exhibition. It was not until 1967 that she became widely known and appreciated. In these examples, Rie employs simple designs, such as fine lines or circles. The vessels are thin and the decoration follows the form. In addition, both aspects sustain integrity on their own. Each piece is hand thrown.
Applied arts
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material and techniques used
porcelain with manganese and white glazes and sgrafitto lines
16.2 x 21 x 17.6 cm.
object number
KNA 547

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