aaa festival

13 Sep 2013

Still uit "De Noorderlingen", 1992.
Still uit "De Noorderlingen", 1992.

Location: Teijin auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam                                                             
Tijd: 13 sep, 4 pm – 5:45 pm
Language: Dutch 
Entrance: Entrance price to the Stedelijk Museum + € 2.50 supplement
Reservations: It is necessary to make a reservation. Send an e-mail to, stating your full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and the date of the program you want to attend.

In cooperation with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and other partners, the Stedelijk Museum is very proud to present the next program of the stedelijk|aaa festival “Confrontations”, based on the theme “Suspense.” This theme, which is so closely associated with film and music, will be explored this afternoon by various speakers including Martin de Ruiter (EYE, Amsterdam), Vincent van Warmerdam (composer of music for films), and Joost Overbeek (designer and writer). 

The program of Confrontations in the Stedelijk starts with an audiovisual presentation by Martin de Ruiter about the relationship between the afternoon’s theme of “Suspense” and film and music. De Ruiter works on music at the EYE, and as a composer has scored several silent films. Using various different examples, he examines exactly what is involved in “Suspense” – a moment of build-up, tension, as well as anticipation – and its essential role in music. 

Following de Ruiter’s presentation, musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra play a string trio by the English composer Elisabeth Lutyens. Lutyens (1906 – 1983) played an important role in disseminating Arnold Schönberg’s atonal style in England and was known as the “Horror Queen” because of her modernist scores for horror films. On Friday afternoon, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will play a short piece of music from the film The Skull, as part of the AAA Festival. 

In addition, Hans Ferwerda (programmer for the AAA Festival) will talk to film music composer Vincent van Warmerdam about the finer points of the profession. Van Warmerdam was awarded the European Composer of the Year Award for his music for the film De Noorderlingen (according to critics, the best Dutch film ever) and the Golden Calf for Kicks. He is one of three composers who have written a new work for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for this AAA program. During Confrontations, short pieces from De Noorderlingen will be played.

Graphic designer, writer, and columnist Joost Overbeek will conclude the afternoon by giving an afterword. 

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