Blikopeners x Kunstbende
22 Apr 2016

The Blikopeners – the youngest employees of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, who act as peer educators – proudly present the Kunstbende Expo Prize: an evening with music, workshops, tours, a temporary presentation and talks about creativity and the road to becoming an artist.

Stedelijk Museum, Teijin Auditorium
7 - 9:30 pm
Admission Museum entrance ticket (free under 19 and with Museumkaart)


Photo: Tomek Whitfield
Photo: Tomek Whitfield

Kunstbende is an annual competition for young creative talent in the categories Dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Film, Music, Language and Theatre. At various locations throughout the Netherlands, teens aged 13 to 18 years compete for prizes geared towards developing their talent. At Kunstbende Amsterdam 2015 Geert Sweep was the big winner of the Expo category. His reward: an evening to present his work at the Stedelijk Museum.

The Blikopeners seize this moment for an event dedicated to creativity. An expert panel discusses the road to becoming an artist, creativity can be expressed in several workshops and the Blikopeners give Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTours of the collection, with the work of the Kunstbende prizewinner as a starting point. Last but not least, 45ACIDBABIES will run amuck with their electro punk on this packed evening. Too much dancing is not a problem: there will be mocktails and fries to fuel your moves.