grachtenfestival amsterdam in stedelijk museum
17 Aug - 22 Aug 2013

Saturday, August 17, 11.00 am, Teijin Auditorium

The Ysaÿe Trio
Play pieces demonstrating how the composers Mozart and Bach and Beethoven and Mozart inspired each other

Programme: Bach/Mozart, Beethoven
Duration: 1 hour

This programm is supported by Stedelijk Museum, het Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds and Stadsdeel Zuid. For tickets see: grachtenfestival.nl


Tuesday, August 20, 11.00 am, Teijin Auditorium

The Cello8ctet Amsterdam 
Premiere of an arrangement of the Canto Ostinato created for them by Marijn van Prooijen was a real dream come true for this ensemble. Though that performance was held in Simeon ten Holt’s own hometown of Bergen, the composer was unable to attend the concert due to his failing health. Nonetheless, the octet was eager to let him hear their version of his masterpiece. In the summer of 2012, they played the Canto Ostinato in the composer’s garden. Listening from inside, Ten Holt afterwards expressed his admiration. Three months later he passed away, on the day that the octet performed the piece at Beauforthuis in Austerlitz. At the end of this week, the Cello8ctet Amsterdam will be recording the Canto for CD. But first, they’ll be taking the work on tour, stopping at several special venues.

Programme: Ten Holt
Duration: 1 hour

For tickets see: grachtenfestival.nl


Thursday, August 22, 11.00 am, Teijin Auditorium 

A musical blind date 
She’s a musical all-rounder, equally as at home in opera as in the Lieder repertoire. He is a recognized world-class harpist, considered one of the most adventurous musicians playing the harp today. Both travel the world with their music, but this year’s Grachtenfestival marks their first meeting. Joined by such greats as Monteverdi, De Falla, Schumann, Dowland and others, the sparks are sure to fly!

Programme: Monteverdi, de Falla, Schumann, Dowland
Duration: 1 hour

For tickets see: grachtenfestival.nl