Dream Out Loud and Make It Work
16 Dec 2016

Experts, designers and critics talk about 'social design' - just flirting with social engagement or the first steps towards a better world?

Audi Zaal 0.1
8 - 8:45 pm
Regular ticket 20 E / Students 12,50 E / MuseumCard 5 E


Designers from our Dream Out Loud exhibition dare to dream aloud about a better world. They represent a new generation of designers whose driving force is not extreme luxury, but improving the existing world. This (or Their) "social design" does not always produce immediately useful applications, but opens up new mindsets bringing the feasible and achievable closer through imagination. But can you still call it design? Do designers have a moral responsibility? Is it a commitment to design something good, or to design “the beginning of an expectation” for their designs to work? And if not more than a gadget, how can design flirt with social engagement? In this discussion, show experts, designers and critics will debate about the statements above.

Lennart Booij (curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)
Thomas Widdershoven (former creative director Design Academy Eindhoven)
Studio Drift (designers)
Marjan van Aubel (designer)
Pieter Stoutjesdijk (designer)