Hearing, Seeing and Being
15 Apr 2016

What does my taste reveal about my identity? What kind of emotions do art and music evoke in me? With these and other, related questions in mind, philosopher Stine Jensen and violist Esther Apituley will look at various works in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 

Teijin Auditorium + tours through the galleries
7 - 9 pm
Museum entrance ticket (free under 19 and with Museumkaart)


Photo: Jochem Jurgens
Photo: Jochem Jurgens

In Hearing, Seeing and Being, Stine Jensen will examine the relations between identity, art and the way we perceive art. Esther Apituley will perform several pieces of music to accompany this quest.

After the musical lecture you will have the opportunity to join one of the speed tours hosted by the Blikopeners: a nice occasion to reflect on and test the insights gained during the lecture.


7 pm                     MUSICAL LECTURE | Stine Jensen and Esther Apituley

8.30 pm                 SPEED TOURS | Blikopeners

9 pm                     End of program

10 pm                   Museum closes


Ester Apituley
Dutch violist Esther Apituley gives varied classical virtuoso concerts of high quality, with an attractive and wide-ranging repertoire that includes masterpieces by Bach, Brahms, Schumann and Dohnany. Apituley focuses on innovative programming and vivid interpretation. After years of practice in classical music performance she has found the right tone to reduce the distance to the audience and present the music in an accessible manner. In collaboration with other musicians, Apituley wants to pave the way for an innovative approach with lower thresholds, in order to reach a larger audience. Through a sophisticated, self-reinforcing combination of auditory and visual elements, listeners become intensely involved in the music.

Stine Jensen
Stine Jensen is a philosopher, writer and program developer for the HUMAN broadcasting organization. She recently made a travel series on Scandinavia for VPRO / HUMAN television, Licht op het Noorden (Light on the North), which is based on her book with the same title. She also developed Dus ik ben (So I Am), a TV series about philosophy and identity. In the children's version, Dus ik ben jr., Jensen philosophizes about identity with children. She is the author of several non-fiction books. In addition, she regularly publishes opinion pieces in NRC Handelsblad.