Opening Bernadette Corporation
29 Apr 2016

On April 29 Bernadette Corporation, the latest edition of the Stedelijk Contemporaries exhibition series, will open as part of the Stedelijk’s Friday Night programming. The exhibition will be open during the evening, in the presence of the artists and with short presentations by museum curators and specialists.

Audi Gallery 0.1
6 - 10 pm
Museum entrance ticket (free under 19 and with Museumkaart)


BC Lifestyle EXT, 2012 Bernadette Corporation with Benjamin Alexander Huseby printed adhesive vinyl, dimensions variable
BC Lifestyle EXT, 2012 Bernadette Corporation with Benjamin Alexander Huseby printed adhesive vinyl, dimensions variable

In 2015 the Stedelijk Museum purchased an important group of works by the artists’ collective Bernadette Corporation: videos, photos, fashion designs from their Fall/Winter 1997 collection, and a floor sculpture from their underground film project Pedestrian Cinema. Bernadette Corporation has actively cultivated an air of mystique around its collective by adopting the form and tactics of a corporation, staging ‘secret’ events, and authoring a collaborative novel.

After the opening speech by director Beatrix Ruf and exhibition curator Anne Ruygt there will be an opportunity to visit the exhibition. Chief curator Bart van der Heide (Stedelijk Museum) and writer, art historian and curator dr. Sophie Berrebi (University of Amsterdam) will further contextualize the exhibition. Topics such as (corporate) identity, collectivity and cross-disciplinary attitudes by artists in the field of video, film, fashion, sculpture, and event organizing will be addressed in a brief conversation, moderated by Margriet Schavemaker.


6.00 – 6.15 Doors open, Audi Gallery 0.1
6.15 – 6.30 Welcome by Beatrix Ruf and Anne Ruygt
6.30 – 7.00 First Viewing of the exhibition, gallery 0.7
7.00 – 7.20 Column by Sophie Berrebi, fllowed by a conversation with Bart van der Heide (Head of Curators & Research), moderation by Margriet Schavemaker in the Zadelhoff Café
8.00 – 10.00 Additional Friday Night programming
10.00 pm Museum closes
8.00 – 10.00      Additional Friday Night programming, see http://bit.ly/23DOgTI
10.00 pm          Museum closes

Music composed by The Stress


Anne Ruygt is junior curator of photography and curator of the exhibition Bernadette Corporation at the Stedelijk Museum. In addition to her work for the museum’s photography collection, Ruygt was co-curator of several presentations, including On the Move: Story in contemporary photography and graphic design (2014-2015).

Beatrix Ruf is director of the Stedelijk Museum. Under her directorship the museum began Stedelijk Contemporaries, a series of dynamic exhibitions by a promising generation of artists, in January 2016.

Bart van der Heide is chief curator and head of the research and exhibition program at the Stedelijk Museum, in close cooperation with Beatrix Ruf and the curatorial team.

Dr. Margriet Schavemaker is chief of education, interpretation and publications. In addition to the museum’s publishing and education activities she develops the public program, which includes events such as lectures and symposia.

Dr. Sophie Berrebi is a writer, art historian and curator, born in Paris and based in Amsterdam. She received her PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, in 2003 and has been based at the University of Amsterdam, where she teaches and researches art history and theory of art, since 2005. She has worked on numerous exhibitions and publications, including the exhibition series How do we occupy space through objects? (2016-2017, The New Institute, Rotterdam). She is currently writing a new book, entitled Elements of Fashion. Icons, Gestures, Details.