Opening Edward Krasiński
23 Jun 2017

Audi gallery 0.1, Teijin Auditorium and galleries 1.15 - 1.7
8 - 10 pm
Free with registration


In honor of the opening of the exhibition Edward Krasiński (June 24 – October 15, 2017), the Stedelijk Museum organizes a discussion about Edward Krasiński. Senior curator Kasia Redzisz (Tate Liverpool) will talk about Edward Krasiński and the creation of the exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Art critic and Foksal Gallery co-founder Anka Ptaszkowska (Academy of Fine Arts, Caen) will discuss her relationship with Edward Krasiński. Exhibition curator and conservator Leontine Coelewij (Stedelijk Museum) will interview both guest speakers.

Edward Krasiński (1925-2004) is one of the most notable Eastern European artists of the 20th century and a leading figure in the Polish avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s. Inspired by prewar avant-garde movements such as Polish Constructivism, Krasiński’s work combines a wry sense of humor and a fascination with chance. The retrospective features over fifty works, including suspended objects and wire sculptures, that testify to his interest in sculpture as line.


8 pm      entrance
8.15       openingspeech Beatrix | Audi zaal 0.1
8.20       exhibition viewing | galleries 1.15 – 1.7
9 – 9.45 program Kasia Redzisz, Anka Ptaszkowska, Leontine Coelewij | Teijin auditorium
10 pm    museum closes


Kasia Redzisz is senior curator at Tate Liverpool, where she has organized the exhibition Edward Krasiński (2016 – 2017), which traveled to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. For the Tate Liverpool exhibition catalogue, Redzisz wrote the essay “Sculpture for Performance. Edward Krasiński and his Props”. Other exhibitions she organized include: Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms (2016) and Maria Lassnig (2016). Between 2010 and 2014 she was Assistant Curator at Tate Modern in London. Redzisz is an author of books on contemporary art, as well as a contributor to exhibition catalogues and magazines such as Pavilionesque and Frieze.

Anka Ptaszkowska
, is an art critic and the co-founder of the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw. Since 1970 she has lived in Paris, where she ran Galerie 1-36, then the Vitrine pour l’art actuel. She lectured in the history of contemporary art at the Fine Arts School in Caen. She has published widely in catalogues and periodicals, including Struktury, Wiadomości Plastyczne, Współczesność, and Art Press. She has co-organized a number of exhibitions, including Échange entre artistes: Pologne – USA (1982). She is the author of Traktat o życiu Krysztofa Niemczyka na użytek młodych generacji [Treaty on the Life of Krzysztof Niemczyk for the Benefit of the Young Generation] (2007). In 2010 she has published an autobiographical book Wierzę w wolność, ale nie nazywam się Beethoven [I believe in freedom, but my name is not Beethoven].

Leontine Coelewij is the curator of the collections & presentations department in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the exhibition curator of Edward Krasiński, in collaboration with Tate Liverpool.  Since the museum reopened, she has shared responsibility for the presentation of the collection of visual arts after 1960 in the new Stedelijk Museum. Recenty Coelwij organized several various exhibitions such as Seth Price: Social Synthetic (2017), Magali Reus: Mustard (2016), Saskia Noor van Imhoff: #+23.00 (2016), Seth Siegelaub: Beyond Conceptual Art (2015), Marlene Dumas: The Image As Burden (2015), Aernout Mik Communitas (2013) en de presentatie Paulina Olowska: Au Bonheur des Dames (2013 - 2014).