socialfiction.org - a dot.walk for the stedelijk museum
27 May 2004

In connection with SMCS on 11, socialfiction.org has been asked to develop a psycho-geographic walk around the Post CS building, so that people can be more aware of this area.

The concept of psycho-geography is cultivated particularly in situationist circles, although according to the socialfiction.org webstie its history goes back at least to the time of the English landscape garden.

The aim of the contemporary psychogeographer is to map an urban area mentally. Socialfiction.org set up its walk with certain directives, mostly small computer algorithms. The goal is to have the walker describe impressions in a focused manner, with or without the aid of specific software, to be able to achieve a visual expression (headmapping).

The large number of impressions from the dot.walk for the Stedelijk are classified and separated into a taxonomy, more or less analogous to the manner in which a museum collects and classifies. The complexity of such a task will become clear to the participant during the walk, and in the gathering afterwards.

Socialfiction.org has organised walks in Dordrecht, Utrecht, The Hague, London and Berlin, among other places, sometimes on its own initiative and sometimes as the result of commissions, including from Stroom HCBK (The Hague). Socialfiction.org recently won the Software Art Award at the Transmediale in Berlin, the largest media festival in Europe. 

See:  www.socialfiction.org

SMCS on 11
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A dot.walk for the Stedelijk Museum
May 27, 8:00 p.m.
May 30, 2:00 p.m.
Entry: € 2,50 per person (at ticket desk)
Assemble in the entrance hall of SMCS on the second storey
In case of rain, bring your umbrella!