The Museum of Everything: The end of the Ghetto
15 May 2016

The Museum of Everything
in conjunction with the Stedelijk Museum presents:


Teijin Auditorium
3 - 5 pm
Museum admission + 2.50


Untitled, circa 1970, Calvin and Ruby Black. With courtesy of The Museum of Everything and the Kunsthal
Untitled, circa 1970, Calvin and Ruby Black. With courtesy of The Museum of Everything and the Kunsthal

The history of exclusion in art and why segregation is no longer an option. 

At some point, in every western culture, a division was made between the high and the low. The high was to be art: commissioned, celebrated and commodified. The low was to be, simply, something else. 
Today this something else is gradually being accepted as being equally creative, resonant and aesthetic as its contemporary counterparts. Why then does it remain in the shadows? 

The End of the Ghetto brings together four expert panelists with radically different practices to discuss their personal relationships with art - and how and what they understand art to be.
In particular, they will discuss why, across the world, art museums have historically insisted on a rigid interpretation of fine and modern art and have excluded or kept separate other forms of art-making. 
The question the panelists will pose: if art is to be truly democratic, surely all makers deserve the right to cultural equality - independent of training, background, context or language?

About the speakers

James Brett is a multidisciplinary practitioner, with a background in filmmaking, design and architecture. He is the founder and creative director of The Museum of Everything. 

Sarah Lombardi is a curator, writer and art historian, who recently took over as director of the prestigious Collection de l'Art Brut, originally founded by artist Jean Dubuffet.  

Jean Hubert Martin is a distinguished museum director, curator, educator and art provocateur, whose groundbreaking exhibition Les Magiciens de la Terre pioneered the inclusion of alternative art-makers. 

Beatrix Ruf is the director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and a leading voice in welcoming new attitudes towards art and art production in institutes. 


This talk is being held as part of The Symposium of Everything.
The Museum of Everything exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam will continue until Sunday May 22. 

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