4 mei: close connections
4 May 2006

Starts at 8.15 p.m. Free entrance

At the occasion of Art Amsterdam, the major contemporary art fair in the Netherlands, the special programme ‘close Connections’ is organized to host number of art curators from all over the world. Some of them were asked to make a personal choice of art videos to be screened this evening at SMCS on 11.

The presenters are: Judit Angel, Chaos Y. Chen and Edwin Ramoran. Each of them will be briefly interviewed about their selection. The organisation of SMCS on 11 also made a contribution for this screening session.

Judit Angel is art historian and curator and works at the Mucsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest. She curated the Report exhibition in the Romanian Pavilion at Venice Biennial in 1999 among other things.
Her choice:
  *Szabolcs Kiss Pál, Shards (Private Conquest), 2003, 3:30 min.
The video is a lyrical account of the strange encounter between the artist and a deer in an abandoned area of the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna while he was looking for the grave of Ludwig Boltzmann. It happened to be exactly on the 65th anniversary of the Kristallnacht.
  *Marcell Esterházy, v.n.p.v.0.1, 2004, 4 min.
The video deals with the relativity of the perception of time. At the Sunday lunch, the artist’s grandfather imperturbably eats his soup, while his whole environment moves in a frenzied speed. The video is in fact speeded up so as to obtain a “usual” pace for the elderly man.

Edwin Ramoran is chief curator and administrator of exhibition program at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos and Digital Matrix Commissions Program, Longwood Arts Project, Bronx, NY. Before that he was assistant curator at the The Bronx Museum of the Arts.
His choice:
Videos by emerging artists living and producing in New York; most of them were included in the group exhibition ‘Do You Think I’m Disco’ that explored the intersections and complications related to the influence of dance music culture on contemporary artists. All of these artists have produced music videos that are not commercially motivated but instead fueled by identity politics including race, gender, and sexuality. Most of them are driven by emotion and love, while others are playful in confronting current issues as well as presenting performance-based work in new media formats.
  *Elia Alba, Masque, 2006 from the series Larry Levan Live!, 2006, 3 min.
  *Derek Jackson, The Light, 2005, 5:26 min.
  *Kalup Linzy, Lollipop, 2006, 4 min. (Courtesy Taxter and Spengemann, New York)
  *Tara Mateik, PYT, 2004, 4:30 min.
  *Iván Monforte, And I’m Telling You, 2005, 3:38 min.
  *Shirley Wegner, Soldier Dancing on Ruins, 2006, 4:33 min.

Chaos Y. Chen started to be a curator at Beijing Art Museum. After working in The Asia Society (New York), the Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University (Beijing) and Kunst-Werke (Berlin), among others, she returned to Beijing in early 2003 to become the chief curator at the Millennium Art Museum before founding [CHAOSPROJECTS | VisualThinking] in 2005, which is a curatorial atelier focusing on research, exhibition, publication of visual culture as well as cultural diplomacy.
She chose fragments of:
  *Ou Ning & Cao Fei, Dazhalan Project, video footage (work in progress for BeijingCase to be on view in ZKM, Kahlsruhe, 2006).
An old town-center becomes ‘Offline City’ amongst the high-speed urbanism of Beijing. A demolition site becomes to be the protest frontier of the local residents.
  *Cao Fei, PRD Anti-Hero, documentary video for the theatre performance debut at The Third Guangzhou Triennial, 2005
A sharp interpretation of the history and reality in Pearl River Delta area in Southern China. Cao Fei, the playwright and director, with her sound observation, sympathetic eyes, and anti-hero structure, conducted a penetrating representation. 
  *Zhao Bandi, Bandi's 2008, 2005 (Courtesy of BeijingCommune, Beijing, China).
Artist Zhao Bandi rehearses the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics in 2008. He runs down Beijing streets, goes underground and finally appears in a stadium in Bern, Switzerland.

SMCS on 11 is the program of lectures, screenings and events at Stedelijk Museum CS.
It’s choice:
  *Roy Villevoye, Beginnings, 18:40 min
In this recent video the Dutch artist plays with the documentary genre. What at first looks like typical documentary or tourist footage from Papua New Guinea, a country that often appears in Villevoye’s work, gradually turns around all expectations about walking in the nude in a forest.  

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