antoine prum - mondo veneziano
6 Oct 2005

Dutch premiere of this art and splatter film, written and directed by Antoine Prum and currently presented at the Venice Biennial (Luxemburg pavilion).

After the screening artist / filmmaker Prum will engage in a discussion with, among others, Jeroen Boomgaard and Otto Berchem.

SMCS on 11, commences 8:30 p.m.
Free admission

Mondo Veneziano
Four protagonists meet each other in a deserted Venice, and appear to carry on a complex theoretical debate on contemporary art. The four represent well-known figures from the art world, namely a brilliant German painter, a socially engaged critic, an Eastern European theoretician and a ‘convivial artist’. Their high-flown debate, exclusively consisting of citations of art historians, is brutally interrupted by horrorscenes in which they murder and dissect each other in a bloody fashion.
This was all shot on a massive film set in Luxembourg which earlier served as a background for numerous feature films. Like the dialogues of the four actors, the sketched Venice is itself a sort of citation. Mondo Veneziano alternates discursive phases with hard action, and is part serious, part sarcastic commentary on a professional milieu - an art world parody.

After the screening Prum will engage in a discussion with several real figures from the art world, among whom will be art historian Jeroen Boomgaard and the American artist Otto Berchem, who lives in Amsterdam and is one of the central characters in the film.

Antoine Prum, MONDO VENEZIANO - High Noon in the Sinking City, 32 min., LUX, HD Video/35mm, 16/9, colour, orig. English/German, w. English subtitles, Dolby SR

The film was produced as a commission of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Research, Luxembourg. Technical co-producers: Télésparks S.A., Luxembourg & PTD Studio, Luxembourg.

A publication, supported by the National Cultural Fund, Luxembourg, is available from Revolver: ‘Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt am Main’ (ISBN 3-86588-120-3).