new video, new europe
13 Jan 2005

Last month SMCS on 11 presented the video marathon ‘New Video, New Europe’, which originally ran over five hours. A compilation has now been made from this programme, and will be shown on February 10. The compilation includes 14 shorter video works from the original programme of more than 60 films which had been assembled by the Renaissance Society in Chicago. The programme is followed by Anri Sala’s film ‘Dammi i Colori’.

‘New Video, New Europe’ is comprised of videos by artists from various Eastern European countries. The programme is highly diverse in genre and approach: documentaries, diaries, ethnographic work and experimental video. Although the presentation is entirely of video art from Eastern Europe, the emphasis is often on video as a medium. This introduces themes that are linked with video art everywhere, such as autobiographical aspects, video art in relation to performance, feminism, and the unmistakable influence of video clips and reality TV. With video’s by Maja Bajevic, Oana Felipov, Várnai Gyula, Kai Kaljo, Arturas Raila, Stefan Rusu, Anna Niesterowicz and others.

In the video Dammi I Colori (Give me color) of 2003, Sala’s camera pans along the streets of Tirana, contrasting the drab roads with apartment buildings that have been painted in bright primary colors, a project of Tirana’s mayor. In the meanwhile the mayor explains how he thought painting the building facades, by his own composition schemes, deals with ideas of utopia (16 minutes).

The compilation runs for 95 minutes, and all the works are in English, or have English subtitles.

SMCS on 11
SMCS on 11 is the programme of lectures, discussions,  film and video presentations of Stedelijk Museum CS. The ‘11’ refers to the 11th storey of the Post CS building , where most of the activities take place. They are regularly held on Thursday evening, when the Museum itself is open to 9:.00 p.m.