gallery talks

gijs+emmy by james tergau
25 Apr 2014

Start in the Stedelijk Museum Schiphol Lounge
3 - 4 pm
Entrance price museum + 2,50 Public Program fee

Necessary. Send an e-mail to, stating your full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and the date of the program you want to attend.

The Stedelijk Museum is delighted to present a new series of Gallery Talks to accompany the exhibition The Gijs+Emmy Spectacle. The speakers of the Gallery Talks are renowned experts in the field of fashion design such as Marjan Boot (curator Applied Arts and Design), Gijs Bakker (designer) and Antje von Graevenitz (art historian and critic), who all share their unique perspective on this exhibition. 

More information about the speaker

James Tergau studied art and architectural history at the Free University in Amsterdam. In 2012 he completed his MA in Design Cultures at the same university with a thesis on the success of Dutch Modernism in fashion. During his studies, he was involved in the exhibition Blue Jeans at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. After graduating, he worked as an assistant-curator at the Stedelijk Museum, working on the exhibition The Gijs + Emmy Spectacle