gallery talks

hans den hartog jager
1 Apr 2011

Starting point: Main lobby, The Temporary Stedelijk
Language: Dutch
Entrance fee: Museum entrance
Reservations: Reservation is mandatory.

Hans den Hartog Jager, noted art critic, gives a tour of (certain works in) the exhibitions on display at Temporary Stedelijk 2.

Hans den Hartog Jager (1968) is a writer and art critic. As an art critic, he works forNRC Handelsblad and Hollands Diep, among others; he is also one of the hosts of the television program 4Art, broadcasted nationally by the AVRO. Den Hartog Jager published several books, among which Verf (2004), a volume of interviews with contemporary Dutch painters, and Haai op sterk water(2008), a collection of his best essays. His newest book, Het Sublieme, on the (im)possibility of beauty in contemporary art, is expected to appear in September 2011.