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Josephine Bosma: Seth Price & Jordan Wolfson
19 Apr 2017

Exhibition galleries
3 - 4 pm
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Guest speaker: Josephine Bosma (journalist and critic)
Guest speaker: Josephine Bosma (journalist and critic)

On Apr 19, 2017, the Stedelijk Museum presents a gallery talk through the Seth Price exhibition and the Jordan Wolfson exhibition. These two exhibitions are the most recent shows in a line of solo show of emerging artists at the Stedelijk Museum whose work relate to the digital realm such as: Ed Atkins (2015), Avery Singer (2016), John Rafman (2016) and others.


In 2017, the Stedelijk Museum presents the first survey of the American artist Seth Price titled Seth Price – Social Synthetic. The show is a comprehensive overview of his artistic career so far, encompassing more than 140 works made since 2000, including sculpture, installation, 16mm film, photography, drawing, painting, video, clothing and textiles, web design, music and sound, and poetry. More info about Seth Price - Social Synthetic.

The Seth Price exhibitions overlaps one week with Stedelijk Museum presentation of Jordan Wolfson (New York, 1980), one of the most outspoken representatives of a new generation of artists who explore the increasing digitalization of society and other technological developments. More info about Jordan Wolfson.


Josephine Bosma is a journalist and critic living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She focuses on art in the context of the internet. Bosma is one of only a few critics in the Netherlands that have followed art in the context of the internet from the early nineties till the post-internet practices of today. In 2011 her book Nettitudes - Let's Talk Net Art appeared, which lead to an external PhD candidacy at the University of Amsterdam.  Some recent texts and interviews by Bosma have been Post-Digital is Post-Screen in Post-Digital Research (2014) and Missing Links in Frieze D/E (2014). In 2015, Josephine Bosma was part of the jury for the Prix Net Art, a co-production of Rhizome in New York and Chronus Art Center and Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory in Beijing.