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stedelijk @ vondelpark blues before sunrise: storytellers
17 Mar 2012

Photo: Ernst van Deursen
Photo: Ernst van Deursen

Location: Vondelpark, the Blauwe Theehuis
Language: Dutch
Entrance: Free
Reservations: at  

On Saturday and Sunday 17 and 18 March the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is organizing Storytellers: walks guided by different storytellers and performers through the Vondelpark, where the project Blues Before Sunrise by the internationally famous artist and director Steve McQueen is currently taking place. Kader Abolah,Abdelkader BenaliGijs Frieling, Evi de JeanLodewijk Wiener and Menno Wigman, amongst others, will be telling their own special story.  

From 8 to 25 March all the 275 streetlights in the park will shine with a blue rather than a white light for Blues Before Sunrise, which the Stedelijk Museum is proud to present. This will wholly transform the atmosphere of the park at night, creating an otherworldly, film-like backdrop for the walks. The stories and performances of the storytellers are on the borderline between fact and fiction and correspond nicely to the mysterious and intangible character of Blues Before Sunrise. The tales and the effect of the transformed lighting reinforce each other, so that the park will be experienced in a way that it has never been before.

The storytellers are the writer Kader Aboldah, the writer Abdelkader Benali, the artist Gijs Frieling, the theater producer Evi de Jean (both days), the writer L.H. Wiener and Amsterdam city poet Menno WigmanTon Meijer will tell a story for families with children between the ages of 6 and 12 (both days). The walks will take place after sunset and will last approximately 30 minutes.  


Saturday, March 17, 8 p.m.

Abdelkader Benali (writer)

Gijs Frieling (visual artist)

Evi de Jean (theater producer)

Menno Wigman (Amsterdam city poet)

Lodewijk Wiener (writer)

Ton Meijer (family walk) Fully booked

The walks will start simultaneously, so it is only possible to walk with one storyteller. 

Sunday, March 18, 8 p.m.

Kader Abdolah (writer)

Evi de Jean (theater producer)

Ton Meijer (family walk)

The walks will start simultaneously, so it is only possible to walk with one storyteller. 

N.B.:  When making reservations, please indicate for which walk you would like to enroll.  

Storytellers takes place in the context of the Public Program Temporary Stedelijk 3 - Stedelijk @ Vondelpark.