JODI: This Page Contains…
1 Oct 2015

An online performance in the Stedelijk Museum auditorium

Stedelijk Museum, Teijin Auditorium
7:30 - 8 pm
Entrance price to the museum + € 2.50
Sold out

* with your entrance ticket you also have access to the FORUM Capturing a moment. Where net art and performance meet and the exhibition galleries.

During the performance This Page Contains... the physical and digital worlds are both united and destabilized. JODI presents an audio-visual performance based on activities in browsers, menu options, and scrolling through and selecting texts.  The translation of the navigating activities on the webpages into a forceful computer-automated voice giving instructions, refer to the artists’ interests in the influence that digital and analog signals have on the user’s behavior. The activities and instructions are regularly disrupted by start-up and error computer sounds, characteristic of JODI’s working methods. With the radical interruption of system language, including interfaces, instructions, errors and codes, JODI presents digital interventions in which the harmonious relationship that should exist between computer technology and the user breaks down.


Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans together form JODI, or, an artistic duo living and working in Dordrecht (NL). JODI was known for pioneering internet art during the 1990s, and since then has acquired an important position in digital avant-garde art both nationally and internationally. Their work developed from photography and video to websites, software and computer technology. In 2008, the Stedelijk presented their work Untitled Game in the exhibition Deep Screen Art in Digital Culture, consisting of a game based on the code of the well-known game Quake. Recently they were awarded the Prix NetArt 2014 for their web works and their installation My%Desktop (2002) was acquired by the MoMA in 2015.


This performance precedes the theoretical FORUM program entitled Capturing a Moment: Where Net Art and Performance Meet, a cooperative venture between the Stedelijk Museum (Margriet Schavemaker, Head of Publications and Research, Britte Sloothaak, Assistant Curator), LIMA (Gaby Wijers) and Annet Dekker.