Ulrike Rosenbach - “Be Young – Be Old“
14 Feb 2013

Location: Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Entrance: Entrance fee Stedelijk Museum
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The Stedelijk Museum and the Goethe Institute are very proud to present a new performance by artist Ulrike Rosenbach, made specifically for the new Auditorium in expanded museum. Rosenbach became known in the 1970s for her avant-garde, groundbreaking performance and video work that has since shaped the history and practice of performance in the visual arts. The artist will perform the piece entitled “Be Young – Be Old” with young performance artist Susanne Schorr.

A video of a snake skeleton is projected onto the floor within a large circle made of salt. In the space created by this projection, Ulrike Rosenbach carries out improvised movements and produces a live voice performance using prefabricated electronic sound. Her theme is “the old woman.”

Meanwhile, the second performer, Susanne Schorr, executes movements on a rope ladder hanging from the balcony of the room. Through rhythmic movements, she is an acrobat interpreting the theme of “the young woman.”

The performance is a sequence of movements from two performance artists who, in their encounters with the two objects – the video installation and rope ladder –  provide an emotional representation of the two themes.

This performance is made possible with the generous support of the Goethe Institute (Amsterdam).

More about the artists

Ulrike Rosenbach is a performance, installation, and video artist based in Cologne, Germany. Her widely acclaimed work has been of great influence on the development of feminist performance and video art practices since the 1970s. She has developed a wide variety of themes in an equally wide variety of media. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo exhibitions, group shows, and biennials, including exhibitions at dOCUMENTA 6 (Kassel), dOCUMENTA 8 (Kassel), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), Reine Sophia (Madrid), and the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam). Rosenbach teaches at the Academy of Visual Arts in Saar. She has received numerous awards, most recently the Künstlerinnenpreis Performancekunst NRW (2011).

Susanne Schorr is a Hamburg-born performance artist. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Saar with Prof. Ulrike Rosenbachint and graduated in 2006 with a specialization in fine arts. Recent festivals and exhibitions which Schorr contributed to are “Klangkörper on Tour” in Trier, Luxemburg, Metz, and Saarbrücken (2012); “Bodies in urban spaces,” in Saarbrücken with Willi Dorner (2011); “Klangkörper” at the music festival “Fete de la musique” in Saarbrücken, at Kunst im Wald (von der Heydt), and in the Wintringer Kapelle (2011); “Leerstand” at Kunstaktion, Saarbrücken, a performance with Michael Rosar (2010); participation in a month-long residency in Project “Dance-Palace” in Luxemburg (September 2007); “Frisch Eingetroffen” (Junior Festival for Performance art), Mannheim (June 2006); and "Festival international de las Artes Castilla y Leon" in Salamanca with Ulrike Rosenbach (July 2006).