Sonic Acts 2016
26 Feb 2016

With performances by Thomas Ankersmit, Okkyung Lee, WaSm and more.

Various locations throughout the building
7 - 9:30 pm

Single tickets: here
Passepartout Sonic Act: here

The festive opening of the Sonic Acts Academy 2016 will take place on 26 February at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Energetic acoustic and electronic live music will alternate with freshly restored sounds and images from pioneering artists. Dispersed over various spaces inside the Stedelijk, the programming includes the first ever presentation in the Netherlands of the Maryanne Amacher Archive, the world premiere of a new work by Thomas Ankersmit based on Dick Raaijmakers’ art, and performances by Okkyung Lee, WaSm and Raphael Vanoli. Sonic Acts has also selected related works from the Stedelijk Museum’s collection by La Monte Young, Dick Raaijmakers, Terry Riley and others, which will run throughout the Sonic Acts Academy weekend.


6.30       arrivals
7.00       INSTALLATIONS: La Monte Young, Terry Riley (ongoing, entrance hall), Dick Raaijmakers, Ideofoon III (ongoing, Teijin auditorium)
7.15       SPEECH: Welcome by Lucas van der Velden and Margriet Schavemaker (10 min., entrance hall)
7.30       PERFORMANCE: Thomas Ankersmit (30 min., Teijin auditorium)
7.30       PERFORMANCE:  Maryanne Amacher (30 min, gallery 0.04)  
7.45       PERFORMANCE: Okkyung Lee (30 min, gallery 1.9)
8.00       PERFORMANCE: WaSm(30 min, Audi gallery 0.1)
8.15       PERFORMANCE: Raphael Vanoli (30 min, SMBC hall)      
8.30       PERFORMANCE: Thomas Ankersmit (30 min, Teijin auditorium)
8.30       PERFORMANCE: Maryanne Amacher (30 min, zaal 0.04)  
8.45       PERFORMANCE: Okkyung Lee (30 min, gallery 1.9)
9.00       PERFORMANCE: WaSm Room (30min, Audi gallery 0.1)
10.00     museum closes


Maryanne Amacher (1938–2009) was a ground breaking American composer known for her ‘inner ear music’. Her extensive archive is now being explored and opened.

Thomas Ankersmit is a musician and sound artist whose new performance explores the methods and instruments of electronic music titan Dick Raaijmakers.

Okkyung Lee
is a New York-based cello improviser whose solo performances incorporate noise, jazz, classical technique and folk music from her native Korea. 

WaSm is the new duo of Frans de Waard (1965) and Jos Smolders, whose atmospheric sound collages draw on musique concrete, electronic music and electroacoustic music.

Raphael Vanoli
is known as the guitarist of Amsterdam-based duo Knalpot. His solo performances blend electronic and acoustic sounds into a singular musical language.

Dick Raaijmakers
(1930-2013) was a pioneer of electronic music. In the early 1970s he developed three seminal loudspeaker installations entitled Ideophone I, II and III. (In front of the auditorium.)

La Monte Young is an American avant-garde artist whose music anticipated Fluxus and minimalism. His Drift Study (1968) explores the early Moog synthesizer. (Room 0.17, listening station.)

Terry Riley is a composer, piano/keyboard-performer and pioneer of minimal music on the US West Coast. His early music often incorporates tape loops and delays. (Room 0.17, listening station.)

Joris Strijbos is the Dutch artist behind the audiovisual installation on Museumplein.