LOVER with Jan Hoek
22 Apr 2017

Together with artist Jan Hoek you will use photography as a tool to connect with people. Jan Hoek will show you how photography does not only take something but also gives.

meet at the Stedelijk, workshop at outdoors location
10 am - 6 pm
Dutch / English
adults € 20 / students (under the age of 3) and CJP € 10

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Jan Hoek is interested in more than just the photograph – he is fascinated by the relationship that develops between the subject of the photograph, and the photographer. He takes his camera out on to the street, where he encounters people and takes their photograph. ‘I’m a big fan of Ed van der Elsken, but take a very different approach. I believe that an almost romantic relationship develops between a photographer and his or her models. If you begin by taking photographs right away, the relationship is ruined.’