conservation technicians

Conservation technicians are trained and experienced in preventive conservation treatment activities, particularly concerning the preparation of artworks for exhibitions, loans and permanent storage. This includes customizing permanent housings for unconventional and fragile objects. For the latter, they often need to work in collaboration with the Conservation department and  undertake extensive research.

Safety of artworks

The team of conservation technicians plays an essential role in the safety of artworks coming into or going out of the museum. For incoming loans, objects are unpacked and fully documented in order to retain all the necessary details for their eventual repacking. For outgoing loans, packing requirements differ from object to object. The variety of objects with which the conservation technicians deal is extensive: from fragile glass objects and complex installations to paintings and graphic works, the works may travel to distant countries or take short trips to another museum in the Netherlands.

Buffering and shock absorbency

Conservation technicians reduce the risk of damage during transport by providing adequate buffering and shock absorbency in packing and crating. This requires specialized knowledge of the materials to be found in the collections, as well as technical and construction expertise. When necessary, a conservation technician will travel with the artworks to ensure the safe transport and handling of objects.