registrar office

The Registrars’ Office organizes and manages all the logistic aspects concerning the transportation of works of art entering and leaving the Stedelijk Museum’s buildings. This concerns not only the transportation of the Stedelijk’s own collection, but also incoming loans for exhibitions, acquisitions and long-term loans.

Loan requests should be made as early as possible, but with a minimum of six months notice before the load period. These should detail what is requested, why the loan is required, where it will be displayed, when, and for how long.
The loan request must at least contain the following information:

  • Information concerning the borrower (name, address and contact details).
  • Information concerning the requested loan(s): name of artist/maker, title of work and accession number.
  • The aim of the application and why the requested works are sought.
  • The precise period for which the works are being requested: starting and ending date of the loan.
  • If the loan has been requested for an exhibition, information concerning the following is requested: title and description of the exhibition, dates and location.
  • In the case of a traveling exhibition: the dates of each venue and information concerning all the venues.

Loan request review

All loan requests are be considered and reviewed individually.
Loan requests are considered taking into account the condition of the work, its availability, the relevance and purpose of the request and the exhibition location.

  • As part of the decision-making process, facility reports or additional information about the organization and/ or the exhibition location can be  requested. It is also possible that an employee of the Stedelijk Museum will visit the exhibition location.
  • The Museum strives to answer any loan request(s) within two months of receipt.
  • In the case of a loan approval, the Registrars’ Office will coordinate  and organize the loan and will provide the borrower with loan agreement terms and conditions for each loan.
  • For international loans, borrowers should note that the Stedelijk Museum will request a statement of 'immunity from seizure and suit' before the work leaves the Stedelijk Museum.

Costs which a borrower will need to meet:

  • All treatments and requirements needed to make the work fit for transport and exhibition.
  • Framing and glazing
  • Packing cases and packing costs
  • Handling costs
  • All transport costs
  • Courier expenses
  • Insurance
  • Any preliminary research on location

Initial formal loan requests should be made in writing and addressed to the Director:
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Beatrix Ruf, Director
Van Baerlestraat 31
1071 AN Amsterdam

Any further correspondence should be addressed to the Registrars’ Office:
Stedelijk Museum
Registrars’ Office
Van Baerlestraat 31
1071 AN Amsterdam
postal address:
Postbus 75082
1070 AB Amsterdam