The New York-based artists’ collective Bernadette Corporation has been stirring up the world of fashion, film and art since 1993. The publication BC Timelineportrays BC’s enigmatic oeuvre, characterized by myth-making and seduction. By adopting the form and tactics of a corporate persona, BC is able to operate in changing formations and under different guises. As BC declared in a 1997 manifesto, the “corporation” acts as a kind of front, providing “the perfect alibi for not having to fix an identity.” The collective started out in the nineties as a DIY fashion label before moving into publishing with a fashion magazine, as well as collectively authoring a novel and becoming underground filmmakers. BC playfully parodies the superficiality of these industries. 

BC Timeline offers a fascinating overview of their activities and guises. The publication was produced by Bernadette Corporation in collaboration with graphic designer Bill Hayden, on the occasion of the Stedelijk Museum’s exhibition titled Bernadette Corporation – Multiplyplex.

Price €7,95 | ISBN 978-90-5006-196-4 | 27.3 x 40.6 cm | Softcover | Language: only available in English | Graphic Design Bill Hayden