Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up, 25 Years of Design

Marcel Wanders is one of the most creative, talked-about and successful designers of the last few decades. For over 25 years, Wanders has been turning dreams, his own and other people’s, into reality. With products and furniture, with interiors and art direction and, more recently, with architecture and with personal art projects, too.This richly illustrated publication presents a survey of 25 years of designs by Marcel Wanders. The book reveals his drives and inspirations, offers a historical and theoretical context for his much-discussed work and provides insights into the production process of a number of ground-breaking projects with essays by renowned authors in the field of industrial and interior design. With its many illustrations, extensive oeuvre list, bibliography and curriculum vitae, this book is also a valuable reference work.

Concept and compilation: Ingeborg de Roode. Authors: Marjan Groot, Jennifer Hudson, Penny Sparke, Ingeborg de Roode, Pietje Tegenbosch, an interview with the designer Robert Thiemann and Alexandra Onderwater | Stedelijk Museum/Frame Publishers | ISBN 978-94-9172-728-3 | Soft cover | 224 pages | ENG/NL | Retail price: € 29,90 | Graphic design: Frame Publishers