For the past 5 years the 'Blikopeners' (Eye Openers) have organized many events, presentations and parties in and around the museum. On this page you'll find an overview.

Workshop: DOING THINGS WITH ARTISTS #3 – Ton Meijer, 23 May 2015

On Saturday 23 May, Blikopeners organized the third edition of ‘doing things with artists’ -- this time, in collaboration with theatre maker Ton Meijer. The whole day centered on Matisse; and just like Matisse, the participants traveled to Tahiti (that is, to Amsterdam’s age-old botanical gardens, Hortus Botanicus) to soak up inspiration for their work, and to draw plants with charcoal. At the Stedelijk the participants undertook a speed tour of the Matisse exhibition, to then get down to making art themselves. Matisse spent the last years of his life in bed and in a wheelchair. The participants donned their painter’s outfits and made drawings using chalk attached to a long pole, while seated in their ‘wheelchair’ or in bed. For inspiration they drew on what they had seen in Tahiti, while enjoying French refreshments. 

Spot quiz- 31 May 2015

How many of the Harry Potter books were made into a film? That was one of the questions of the spot quiz organized by the Blikopeners on Sunday 31 May, as part of the farewell party for the presentation ‘Shut Up I’m Reading’ in the Blikopener Spot. It was like a pub quiz, but then in the museum. Four teams battled it out, testing each other’s knowledge on books and films and more. All participants were given a book to take home. The winners won an extra book and a trendy canvas bag. After the quiz the Blikopeners and participants enjoyed a drink in the Stedelijk restaurant, and ate lots of ‘bitterballen’. 

Shut up I’m reading 21-2-2015 tO 31-5-2015 

With our smartphone always at hand, we constantly check news messages, view our friends’ photographs on Instagram, or watch videos on YouTube. But instead of that never-ending and rather dull Facebook timeline, we Blikopeners (peer educators at the Stedelijk Museum) much prefer to read a book. The 26 letters of the alphabet, arranged in ever-changing order, transport us to very different places. We experience life as it was in another age, or temporarily crawl into someone else’s skin.

Books come in all types and sizes: you can download them, read them on your E-reader, and there are audiobooks and horizontal books. We like books best in their original form, however. Too beautiful to line up on a shelf on the wall, we are happiest when books are all around us. Feel free, here in the Blikopener Spot, to take books into your hands to admire their cover, to smell the pages inside, or to listen to the wonderful rustle of pages turning. And most of all, of course, feel free to read them! 

Workshop: DOING THINGS WITH ARTISTS #2 – Bas Kosters, 25 APRIL 2015

For the second edition of ‘Doing things with artists’ on 25 April, the honor fell to Bas Kosters. Bas is an artist and fashion designer, and he designed a workshop inspired by the exhibition on Matisse. This time, the participants created their own tapestry based on the theme of freedom. Henri Matisse was robbed of his freedom, in a certain sense, when he became ill. He was confined to a wheelchair and could no longer stroll through his garden. So instead he brought his garden indoors with the work ‘The parakeet and the mermaid’ (1952). After touring Matisse’s tapestries, the participants chose textiles for their work and eagerly set to work with needle and thread. 

Workshop: Spot YOUR BOOK- 23 APRIL 2015 

For the presentation of ‘Shut Up I’m Reading’ in the Blikopener Spot, the Blikopeners drew inspiration from the Ed Atkins exhibition.  In contrast to the digital and contemporary work, the Blikopeners wanted to go ‘back to basics’: reading a book. That’s why the Spot is stuffed with hundreds of books. On 23 April, the Blikopeners organized a real treasure hunt in the Spot. The participants did a lot of searching, and a lot of finding! The highlight of the evening: a game of hints, in which participants had to act out works of art. It was an entertaining competitive evening, and the winners went home with fun goodie bags. 

Workshop: DOING THINGS WITH ARTISTS #1 – Rop van Mierlo, 21 MARCH 2015

Blikopeners and artists together organize workshops for young people aged 12 to 21, titled ‘Doing things with artists’. The grand kick-off took place on 21 March, with a workshop under supervision of Rop van Mierlo. As coincidence plays a key role in Rop’s work, this was also the theme of the day.  The workshop consisted of several assignments, one of which had the participants drawing on the wall with their toes. Another assignment was to break apart the magic markers and to draw with the left-over pieces. The participants were also offered a special coincidence tour by the Blikopeners. 

Shine your eye, fall 2014

Do our history and culture shape our identity? In the exhibition Shine Your Eye acts become rituals and Bernard explores the symbolic value of color.

The collaboration between Bernard Akoi-Jackson and the Blikopeners is part of Global Collaborations, the Stedelijk Museum’s three-year project. Global Collaborations aims to achieve a well-informed and nuanced view of developments in contemporary art from a global perspective with a special focus on emerging regions like Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In April, fifteen Amsterdam schools visited the Stedelijk for a workshop given by Bernard and the Blikopeners. The results of these interactive performances are now on view in the Blikopener Spot.

Bernard Akoi-Jackson is a Ghanaian artist who explores the interaction that springs up between his artworks and the viewer, preferably young people. His work investigates themes such as identity and originality and explores the way in which our environment affects the way we think about these ideas.


Do you want to know more about what the Blikopener and Bernard Akoi-Jackson have been up to the last couple of months? Check the Blikopeners Global Tumblr!

Your line or mine - 31 march - 7 sept 2014

The Blikopeners invited the designers at Moniker to create three animations entitled Your Line Or Mine, based on drawings made by visitors. So, until September 2014 everyone’s welcome to take part and make a drawing for the films. The abstract animations are composed of dots and lines. All you need to do is join up lines with a felt tip pan, and scan in your drawing. The results will appear right away on large screens in the space. All the scans will be used to make three two-and-a-half minute animations. The animations aren’t just created by the movement of the lines, but by the way the drawings were made. Bet you didn’t know there were so many different ways to draw a line!

The work of design studio Moniker is more about the process than the final result. The Moniker studio and its projects are the brainchild of Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters. This is how Luna Maurer describes the project: “It’s great for visitors to experience their own particular drawing style – do they draw a line precisely, loosely, or carefully? It’s fascinating that everyone’s drawing can become part of an artwork that keeps on changing.” Your Line Or Mine is an incredible interactive project designed by Moniker for the Blikopener Spot.

The project also gives Moniker a chance to explore the social effects of technology. The artists are fascinated by things that adapt to their environment, that emphasize change and reveal difference. Logic is their toolbox, and visitors’ input is their material.

You can see the animation online at:

Cure It! 26 june 2014 

The fifth Blikopener year 2013-2014 closes with Cure It! Organized by the Blikopeners, the event has a bit of medical twist. The Blikopeners hold a surgery for people to come and connect with an artwork that can heal them. For instance, you could do yoga next to Barnett Newman’s Who’s Afraid… Akwasi of Zwart Licht performed a specially written rap near Nola Hatterman’s On the Terrace, and a sponge-fight was staged under the canopy inspired by Yves Klein’s L’accord Bleu. Blikopener Aulturio opened the evening with a dance inspired by Jan Sluijters’ Bal Tabarin. Moments on a Sofa, Lions Den and Concrete Birds performed music in the entrance area – all three had written a number inspired by an artwork in the Stedelijk collection.

STIPT! - THU APRIL 17, 2014

On Thursday April 17 the Blikopeners presented STIPT! inspired by the installation Your Line or Mine from Moniker, on view at the Blikopener Spot. Blikopeners gave speed tours through the museum discussing works connected to Moniker. But there was much more to do! Visitors could play the classic game of Twister, have their picture taken in the Photobooth or show their drawing skills in the drawing room.


The Blikopeners are young people (peer educators 15–19 years old) with a fresh perspective on art. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, study a range of different courses and come from all over the Greater Amsterdam region. Blikopeners give tours, advice and critical opinions about all aspects of the museum. They also organize activities for people their own age. In short, they have the most enjoyable part-time jobs in the Netherlands!



On Thursday, the 7th of March, 2013, The Blikopeners opened the Stedelijk's doors for visitors to doubt reality. Inspired by the Mike Kelley exhibition, The Blikopeners discovered a theme in his work which they called ‘mocking reality' and created a broad program around it. Activities included drawing caricatures with Stanely Heinze, making masks with WG Kunst, producing improvisational theater with Canis Majoris and taking speed-tours through the Mike Kelley exhibition. Young punk band The Don’t Touch My Croque_Monsieurs gave away two rocking shows and DJ Individualism mixed Mike Kelley music with his own, making the songs easier to listen to. A very successful evening with enough bananas for everybody!

Museum night - November 3 2013


Every year, Blikopeners organizes an introduction day for 100 young people who register through application. The perfect way to get to know the museum and each other, Introduction Day features activities and workshops in which Blikopener alumni and potential future Blikopeners give you a taste of what’s to come.

In August the Stedelijk organizes an introduction for a new Blikopener group. After a speech from museum director Karin van Gilst, the 140 candidates go into the museum to work on several  assignments. Group 2014/2015 is now selected and will work in the museum on a regular basis until July 2015. The next application will be in April 2015.

Speed Art - November 1 2012

This first Thursday of November was a busy evening, again provided by the Blikopeners. The visitors were given the opportunity to present themselves and get to know the museum by participating in three small workshops; photography, drawing and poetry. As a final assignment the visitors made an expressive collage.

In Your Face - October 4 2012

Every first Thursday of the month Blikopeners organize an event in the Blikopener Spot. October 4th was the first event held in the reopened Museum! The aim of the evening was getting acquainted with the museum and its collection. Inspired by artwork in the galleries the workshop participants used their face as a canvas. The result: a living Kienholz, Mondrian and Newman at the interface between painting and performance.

Duplicate It! - June 17 2012

OPEN IT! - 26 MAY 2011

On May 26 2011, during the popular series of Do It! evenings, the Blikopeners organized the Open It! event. An evening at the museum featuring workshops, performances, surprises and fresh perspectives, Open It! focused on the art at the Stedelijk. Together with young artists, musicians and performers, the Blikopeners gave their reactions to famous works of art from the museum’s collection. Artists created live art, dancers danced through the museum and all of the Blikopener tours were packed to capacity.

Special guests included: 
sirin_MOS (dance troupe), PLeaSe! (winner of the Kunstbende Amsterdam 2010), Freddy Tratlehner aka Vjeze (from the band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig), DJ Individualism (winner of the Grote Prijs for dance/producers), DJ Primo, artists Wayne Horse and Vere Van Hal, and Jop Gorris (winner of the Kunstbende Film and Animatie Award 2010).


Together with filmmaker Jennifer Patterson, Blikopeners Lou and Gaia shot a video of Blues Before Sunrise, a project by artist Steve McQueen that was featured in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam in March of 2012.


An international symposium titled Connecting Young People and Cultural Institutions was organized by the Stedelijk Museum in October of 2010. Two questions formed the central focus: What role can museums play in young people’s lives and how can cultural institutions make a positive and meaningful connection with youth? During this symposium, international museum professionals specializing in projects for young people shared their experiences, inspiration and expertise. Professionals from the Tate Modern in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen were present.


In September 2010, to honor the work of the first wave of Blikopeners, Blikopener Book was published in both Dutch and English. The book answered such questions as Who are the Blikopeners? What do they do? How do they do it? The book was created by the Blikopeners themselves, with guidance from employees of the Stedelijk Museum. Curious about the results? If so, order a copy by contacting (please specify Dutch or English version, and be sure to give your name and address). The publication was designed by Michel Keppel and Christian Isberg.