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  • E-ticket(s) are not restricted to a particular day or time and are valid a year after the purchase is made.
  • Audiotours can be collected at the audio desk.
  • In case a discount ticket has been selected, it is required to show your discount card at the ticket counter.
  • It is not permitted to purchase more than one e-ticket with one discount card.

The following tickets cannot yet be ordered online. They can be collected, free of charge at the ticket counter:

  • Members of ICOM
  • Members of Vereniging Rembrandt
  • Stadpas Amsterdam
  • I amsterdam City Card
  • Museumkaart
  • Members of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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  • Entrance tickets are nonrefundable, non expandable. Misuse will be prosecuted.
  • The barcode on the e-ticket can't be folded or damaged. When the e-ticket is damaged access can be refused.
  • Copying an e-ticket is useless. An e-ticket allows one single access to the museum.
  • Promotional discounts are not applicable on e-tickets.
  • An e-ticket allows one person access to Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The e-ticket is no longer valid after it has been checked.
  • You must print out this e-ticket, bring it with you, and show it at the main entrance.