cobra back from the hermitage
18 Oct 2003 - 11 Jan 2004

CoBrA-works from the Stedelijk Museum-collection, on view in the Cobra Museum, Amstelveen.

The exceptional CoBrA exhibition that was organised in the summer of 2003 in the prestigious Hermitage to celebrate St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary, can in the Netherlands be admired only in the Cobra Museum. After that, the exhibition is going on a world tour.

It is absolute unique that this exhibition in the Cobra Museum will be extended with works that were never given on loan before. The approximately 100 works of art come from the unparalleled CoBrA- collection of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, which has historical ties with the international group of artists: it was the museum which, in November 1949, organised the first comprehensive international show of the experimental CoBrA movement, which was to revolutionise Dutch modern art.

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