Ahmet Polat

Ahmet Polat (Roosendaal, NL, 1978) lives and works in Amsterdam and Istanbul. Selected for On the Move: the photography project Dark Moon (2009-present).

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About Dark Moon (2009-present)

The many minority groups that populated the Ottoman Empire also included the descendants of people who were brought over from Africa as slaves. Today, the populationof Afro-Turks is a loose-knit community with little awareness of its roots or ethnic identity. Photographer Ahmet Polat hopes to give these people a face with his project, Dark Moon. Aided by Mustafa Olpak, initiator of the Afro Turk Dernek foundation, the photographer made an archive of and for this minority community. He collected photos from family albums and photographed Turkish nationals of African descent. In On the Move, Polat presents an interim report of this ongoing project to reveal a nearly forgotten chapter of Turkish history.

Dark Moon - Cihan Iletmiş Haskoy during Danabayram Torbali, Izmir (2010)
Dark Moon - Cihan Iletmiş Haskoy during Danabayram Torbali, Izmir (2010)


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