Gábor Õsz

Gábor Õsz (Dunaújváros, HU, 1962) lives and works in Haarlem.
Selected for On the Move: the video installation Das Fenster (2012 / 2014).

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About Das Fenster (2012 / 2014)

In the video installation Das Fenster Gábor Õsz shows a breathtaking view of a mountain landscape. The idyllic scene betrays nothing of the layered constellation of historic events, film history and photography that the artist presents with this work. The video is based on a postwar photo of the remains of Adolf Hitler’s villa in Berghof. Õsz became fascinated by the immense, four-by-eight-meter window through which the Führer enjoyed a panoramic view of the famous Unterberg. The proportions of Hitler’s window onto the world closely approximate those of a cinema screen. Later, Õsz discovered that the window had an aspect ratio that corresponds to the frame ratio of analogue film, a medium of which Hitler was an avid fan. In Das Fenster, Õsz projects colored-in sections of film the size of the window over a digital projection of the entire window with its view over the landscape. Õsz overlays and connects these enigmatic findings and associations with clarity and insight.

Das Fenster (2013) - Full HD silent projection, combined with analogue 16mm hand painted color film projections
Das Fenster (2013) - Full HD silent projection, combined with analogue 16mm hand painted color film projections


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