Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen

Rob Hornstra (Borne, NL, 1975) is a photographer who lives in Utrecht. Arnold van Bruggen (Texel, NL, 1979) is a journalist who lives in Amsterdam.
Selected for On the Move: the multimedia project The Sochi Project (2007-2014).

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About The Sochi Project (2007-2014)

In 2007, photographer Rob Hornstra and journalist Arnold van Bruggen embarked on a detailed survey of the turbulent conflictzone around Sochi, proposed site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. In a series of committed reportages, The Sochi Project exposes the reality behind the spectacular drama of the Games. The multimedia project is the first of its kind financed largely through crowdfunding and donations. In association with graphic designers Kummer & Herrman, Hornstra and Van Bruggen have devised an appropriate format for each storyline, dominated by an alternation of texts and images. For example, the glossy presentation of the Sochi Singers photo series reflects the glamour of the subject (Russian singers of chansons who perform in the resort’s restaurants), while the tragic story of Khava Gaisanova, which illustrates the violent history of the Caucasus, is printed in Times New Roman on newsprint. Hornstra and Van Bruggen present their own distinctive brand of “slow journalism” in five books, various interim publications, exhibitions and a website.

The Sochi Project (2007-2014) - Offset on newsprint mounted on wall
The Sochi Project (2007-2014) - Offset on newsprint mounted on wall

Also visit the website of The Sochi Project (2007-2014).


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