Thomas Kuijpers

Thomas Kuijpers (Helmond, NL, 1985) lives and works in Eindhoven.
Selected for On the Move: the installation #IDIDNTJOIN (2013).

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Over #IDIDNTJOIN (2013)

With their faces hidden behind a sheet of paper bearing a handwritten message, anonymous American soldiers carried out a Twitter protest in 2013. Under the hashtag #IDIDNTJOIN they voiced their discontent at the position of the US government in Syria’s civil war. Last year, the American government rallied around the Syrian rebels after the Assad regime allegedly launched a chemical attack on the Syrian people. Shortly after, it emerged that the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro-Assad hackers, was behind the Twitter protest to question Obama’s decision to side with the rebels, who were also supported by the Al Qaeda terrorist network. A week later, the first US soldier admitted he was guilty of uploading a photo. Artist Thomas Kuijpers also added anonymous photos to the protest. He shows that truth is anything but straightforward, both in terms of complex political conflicts, and in the use of social media. In his installation, #IDIDNTJOIN, Kuijpers lets viewers make up their own minds by choosing from red and green stickered sheets of protest portraits: true or false?

 #IDIDNTJOIN (2013) - Sheet
#IDIDNTJOIN (2013) - Sheet


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