what the art?!

Koos Breukel (photography) 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: these days almost everyone has a social-media account, which of course prompts the need for a headshot. But how does one create an interesting self-portrait? Blikopeners Bilal and Fenneke talk about this with celebrated portrait photographer Koos Breukel.

Koos Breukel lesson assignment

Harmen Liemburg (graphic design)

Every day, one sees more than two thousand advertisements, images, and logos. How can an image stand out in this flood of visual information? Designer Harmen Liemburg makes colorful screen prints that draw inspiration from the graphic design found on our streets. In this episode, Blikopeners Bilal and Luna visit Liemburg’s studio, where they are given an assignment: to collect packaging from the world around them—in this case, from the supermarket. Together with Liemburg, they discover what’s involved in making a screen print.

Harmen Liemburg lesson assignment

Joep van Lieshout (visual art)

Rotterdam is Joep van Lieshout’s center of operations. In this episode, Blikopeners Coen and Esha see Sawmill, a piece from his most recent series. To discover more about it, they decide to drop in on the artist at his remarkable studio. And it’s not all talk: van Lieshout puts the Blikopeners to work. This artist puts on overalls and rolls up his sleeves—who’s scared of getting his hands dirty? Not van Lieshout. 

Joep van lieshout lesson assignment

Studio Moniker (multimedia)

A video clip takes Blikopeners Bilal and Margot to meet the multimedia artists at Studio Moniker. Can you really call the work made by Studio Moniker art? Conditional design is the term they use, suggesting that the process is more interesting than the product. Luna Maurer of Studio Moniker, Bilal, and Margot make a conditional design together, and the Blikopeners conclude that working together can indeed produce amazing art! 

Moniker/LUNA MAURER lesson assignment

Marcel Wanders (design)

On 1 February 2014, a survey exhibition of 25 years of design by Marcel Wanders opens at the Stedelijk. Blikopeners Bilal and Helinda seek to discover more about Wander’s work: Which product carried his breakthrough design? Why are the best designs so often the most expensive? They look around Moooi, Wanders’s design store, and are given a personal tour of his studio. This episode closes with drinks in the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam—the interior of which Wanders designed down to the very last detail.

Marcel Wanders lesson assignment

Roderick Hietbrink (video and performance)

What happens when you drag a tree through a house? Together with Bilal, Blikopener Joe watches work by video artist Roderick Hietbrink recently bought by the Stedelijk Museum. Bilal and Joe are amazed when the artist comes up with the idea of dragging a tree through a house and filming it. Fascinated, they want to know all the ins and outs of the process. In the Hietbrink’s studio, they learn how the artist creates his work, and they come to grips with some of the objects featured in the performance.

Roderick Hietbrink lesson assignment