Study for Suprematism 52 System A4 contains masses of geometrical shapes occupying various spaces of the composition similar to Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist drawings and paintings. This work, however, suggests satellites, space stations and aerial photography. Suprematism, the movement Malevich founded, came into existence during World War I. It was a period in which air balloons and airplanes were used extensively. In fact, the artist referred to his art made between 1917 and 1918 as “aerial Suprematism”. The strong diagonals in the composition add a sense of upward movement. The pink disc in the left-hand corner of the artwork recalls an object in orbit. The drawing anticipates future images made in space. Malevich once stated: “If all artists could see the crossroads of these celestial paths, if they could comprehend these monstrous runways and the weaving of our bodies with the clouds in the sky, then they would not paint chrysanthemums.”


Translated title

Study Suprematis 52 System A 4



Production date

1916-1917 (versie 1920-1927)


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69 x 49.3cm.


charcoal, pencil, water colour and ink on paper, mounted on card board

Object number

A 7691


Eigendom erkend door erven Malevich bij overeenkomst uit 2008 / Ownership recognized by agreement with the estate of Kazimir Malevich in 2008

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