Françoise van den Bosch is part of the late-1960s generation of innovators. With the jewellery she created, she turned her back on the old-fashioned, decorative ‘bijou’. She produced large, striking objects with clean lines that fitted in well with the fashion and the geometric abstract art of that time. This set appears to have been industrially manufactured, but was actually cut and shaped by hand. The earrings are made from one piece, while the bracelet is made of two identical forms that are linked together. This duality is typical of her work. Van den Bosch and her fellow artists wanted their work ultimately to be produced by industry to make it available to a large sector of the public. However, the complicated design process and high production costs meant that the creation of these modern jewels nearly always remained studio work and the market did not extend beyond the gallery circuit.




Production date



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7 x 11.5cm.

Object number

KNA 5982


schenking erven Françoise van den Bosch, Amersfoort

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