Gielijn Escher designed several posters for the Baal theatre company. In this anecdotal work, he depicts the play Geen man, maar een wolk in broek, which is based on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s long poem 'A Cloud in Trousers' (1915). At the centre of the picture floats a pair of trousers, with a piece of cloud sticking out, which may be seen as a metaphor for the tender, abandoned lover in the play. Cranes and factory chimneys stand out in the background, black against a blue night sky, symbolizing the new industrial society glimmering on the horizon. The form of the floating trousers is repeated upside down in the two factory chimneys. Escher makes images in bright and contrasting colours and refers to himself as a “poster artist”, because of his traditional approach. He often draws his own letters. Escher not only designs the work, but also supervises the entire production process. In the past he placed his own posters throughout the city in specially selected sites, so that he can be sure of achieving an optimal effect.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2004



Graphic Design

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118.1 x 83.1cm.


poster, silkscreen

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