Ushering in Banality shows an enlarged figurine that differs little from its sources of inspiration, which are small statuettes frequently seen as ornamental decoration. The sculpture diverges from its basis in its scale. By increasing the size and giving it this particular title the artist questions both the relationship between art and commodity as well as fine art and kitsch. Koons attests that the work is not meant to be ironic; rather, he would like to give the general public what they request without questioning taste. Koons claims that he does not view this type of figurine as tasteless. “I see it as beautiful. I see it and respond to the sentimentality of the work. I love the finish, how simple the color green can be painted. I like things being seen for what they are.” Ushering in Banality is associated with the ‘readymade’ due to the fact that the work is hardly altered.
© Jeff Koons, 2007




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80.1 x 194.1 x 100cm.


wood, painted

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