Ger van Elk’s series of eight slides documents the progressive stages of the artist consuming a fish. The title refers to one of Paul Klee’s paintings from the early twentieth century. Van Elk reconstructed Klee’s work with tangible objects. For example, Klee’s abstract designs are translated into flowers on the table and in the vase. A yellow circle resembling the moon is a lemon beside Van Elk’s plate. Klee’s flat fish is a meal for Van Elk. Van Elk does not stop at the reconstruction of Klee's work. The slides are projected on a table covered in white tablecloth, which reinforces the confusion of concrete objects and their numerous representations in paint or photography. The installation places the viewer in Van Elk’s position since the audience steps in and stands behind the table and the artist’s hands. Humor is an essential part of the work and Van Elk plays with the question of reality and interpretation of that reality via media.
© Ger van Elk, 2004


Translated title

Paul Klee - Around the Fish, 1926



Production date



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100 x 70 x 200cm.


eight colour slides projected on table covered with white tablecloth

Object number

BA 3093