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CHAGALL, PICASSO, MONDRIAN and others Migrant Artists in Paris

21 Sep 2019 until 2 Feb 2020

Video — 13 Sep 2019

The Stedelijk’s globally-acclaimed collection of 40 Chagall works includes nine iconic paintings – six of which belong to the museum, while three are on extended loan from the state. Having been created over 35 years, the paintings cover a large portion of Chagall’s working life and are therefore representational enough for research into (the development of) his techniques. The study focuses on the condition of the works and Chagall’s use of techniques and materials – with the goal of better understanding his intentions, way of working and the motivations behind the choices he made.

The Stedelijk’s conservation department, with the support of BankGiro Lottery and Royal De Heus, has spent years researching the materials and techniques used by Marc Chagall in the paintings found in the museum’s collection. Remarkably enough, such an extensive study has never been undertaken previously in the world.

In this video, conservators reveal some of the more interesting discoveries they made during their years of research.