Book — 27 Feb 2016

CARL ANDRE ROBERT BARRY DOUGLAS HUEBLER JOSEPH KOSUTH SOL LEWITT ROBERT MORRIS LAWRENCE WEINER, originally published by Siegelaub/Wendler in 1968 and republished in December 2015 on the occasion of the exhibition Seth Siegelaub: Beyond Conceptual Art at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

In 1968 Seth Siegelaub started exploring the relationship between exhibition and catalogue because the concerns of the new art, in its attempt to leave the gallery context and to question established frameworks, were in line with his own. So he published a “group show” in the form of a bound volume of photocopied and offset-printed works by seven artists: Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner, better known as the Xerox Book.

A cooperation of Roma Publications, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, De Appel arts centre, and Stichting Egress Foundation.


372 pages, 21.1 x 27.9 cm, English, € 29,50, ISBN 9789491843525