22 Nov 2012

22 Nov, 6:30 PM


Sabine Mooibroek interviewed by Christine Eyene

November 22, 2012, 7:30 pm

Location: Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum
Language: English
Entrance: Visitors only pay entrance to the museum (special discounts apply)
Reservations: It is necessary to make a reservation. Send an e-mail to reservations@stedelijk.nl, stating your full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and the date of the event for which you want to reserve a seat.

The Stedelijk Museum proudly presents this stedelijk|film event featuring Dutch filmmaker Sabine Mooibroek and London-based art writer and curator Christine Eyene. During this evening, excerpts of Mooibroek’s Bye Patrick Bye! (2005) and Système D (an unfinished film and special preview for this evening !) will be shown, and her most recent film Madame Dakar (2011) will be screened for the first time in the Netherlands. Mooibroek will also engage in a conversation with Eyene. 

Sabine Mooibroek’s films are characterized by a playful invitation: the viewer is drawn into something that is going on, something between an actual event and a poetic idea. The invitation is to take part in a game of translation and interpretation, of distance and desire, that is so visible in the work of Mooibroek. In her most recent film, Madame Dakar, the protagonist Joyce dreams of driving a train. The camera is claustrophobically close to her skin as it follows her, so that her desire becomes almost tangible. Only when she embarks on a journey to Africa in search of “the Senegalese railway capital” can Joyce realize her dream, and it is in this space between cultures that Mooibroek unfolds the potential of this story, comparing Dutch and Senegalese societies, and the differences between legal and illegal, public and private, and ambition and destiny are crystallized. 

As the Dutch art historian Jeroen Boomgaard writes about Madame Dakar, “Gleaming and majestic, the brand new train glides towards us through the car wash. It is our first sighting of Madame Dakar and although it is another train at another speed in another place and time, as a viewer you are transported to the enchantment once conjured by the very first film images: the magic and seduction of the moving image. But Madame Dakar is not a film about film, no nostalgic reflection of loss and powerlessness. It is a film about desire, but desire as only film can show.”

During this stedelijk|film event, Madame Dakar will be screened for the first time in the Netherlands, alongside clips from Mooibroek’s previous films Système D (an unfinished film and special preview for this movie night!) and Bye Patrick Bye! (2005). Christine Eyene, noted art writer and co-curator of Dak’Art 2012 (Biennial of Contemporary African Art) will interview the artist. The public is invited to ask questions, as well. 

"Madame Dakar" is produced by seriousFilm, co-produced by FilmS d*AfriqueS and distributed by Eye.

More information about Sabine Mooibroek:

Sabine Mooibroek studied at the Hochschule for Gestaltung & Kunst in Zürich and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Institute, both in Amsterdam. She received the Award for the Best Swiss short film in Solothurn, the SmokkelSchmuggelSmuggle Award in Maastricht, and the New Media Award in Amsterdam. She works in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Senegal, and has made many short films, videos, and other works. Her work has been shown at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Basel, at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, at Mamac in Liège, at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, at the Pan African Filmfestival FESPACO in Ouagadougou, at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam, at Institut Français in Dakar, and many more venues. More information: www.sabinemooibroek.nl.  

More information about Christine Eyene:

Christine Eyene is an art writer and independent curator based in London. She was co-curator of Dak’Art 2012 – Biennale of Contemporary African Art and curator of the African selection of Photoquai 2011 – Biennial of World Images, Paris, with artistic director Françoise Huguier. Her other exhibitions include Reflections on the Self – Five African Women Photographers, a Hayward Touring exhibition that will be opening at the Brindley, Halton (Nov. 24 to Jan. 6, 2013), and Roma-Sinti-Kale Manush (May-July 2012), Autograph ABP, London, with director Mark Sealy and independent curator Gabi Scardi. As an art writer, she has contributed articles to Africultures, Art South Africa, Basler Zeitung, Manifesta Journal, Third Text, and written essays in books and exhibition catalogues. More information: http://eyonart.blogspot.co.uk.