Guided tours — 4 Apr 2020

The Blikopeners will be around to guide you through the museum every Saturday between 1 and 4 pm and can be identified by their bright red jackets. They are open to spontaneous discussion: about art, the museum, their favorite artists - and even about you! 

In line with national policy relating to the coronavirus, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam will be temporarily closed for visitors until April 6 2020.
Stedelijk BASE
4 Apr, 1 pm until 4 pm
Main language
Dutch and English

Blikopeners? They’re school and university students from Amsterdam that work for the museum. On Sunday they get to sleep in and later that day they give speed tours of their favourite works in the Stedelijk Museum. Each of these tours will explore different artists and paintings but they are always bound to get visitors thinking about art in new ways.

Want to know more about the Blikopeners?

The Blikopeners’ favourite artworks are also featured in an audio tour through Stedelijk BASE.

And have a look at the upcoming events of the Blikopeners and follow them online @blikopeners.