Guided tours — 15, 29 Dec 2019, 12, 26 Jan 2020

This Sunday afternoon, the Blikopeners of the Stedelijk Museum will be taking you on a tour through the Colorful Japan exhibition.

We meet at the ‘big clock’ in the entrance hall
15 Dec, 3 pm until 4.30 pm
29 Dec, 3 pm until 4.30 pm
29 Dec, 3 pm until 5.30 pm
12 Jan 2020, 3 pm until 4.30 pm
26 Jan 2020, 3 pm until 4.30 pm
Main language
Dutch (3 pm - 3.30 pm) and English tour (4 pm - 4.30 pm)
Especially fun: the tour will be free, is held every two weeks on Sunday by different Blikopeners and is not just about learning about art, but also about each other!

Blikopeners? They’re school and university students from Amsterdam that work for the museum.  They give speed tours of their favorite works from the collection. Every tour is different and dares visitors to look at art from a new perspective. 

See the pictures below to know who of the Blikopeners will give the speedtour on which date.


3 pm - 3.30 pm Dutch tour

4 pm - 4.30 pm English tour

Want to know more about the Blikopeners?

Have a look at the upcoming events of the Blikopeners and follow them online @blikopeners.

  • Jessenia: 1 dec, 26 jan
    Jessenia: 1 dec, 26 jan
  • Felix: 1 dec
    Felix: 1 dec
  • Charity: 15 dec, 26 jan
    Charity: 15 dec, 26 jan
  • Oumaima: 15 dec
    Oumaima: 15 dec
  • Lize: 29 dec
    Lize: 26 dec
  • Esther: 29 dec
    Esther: 29 dec
  • Mary-Anne: 12 jan
    Mary-Anne: 12 jan
  • Thom: 12 jan
    Thom: 12 jan

Please note that by attending the program you could potentially be filmed and photographed for archival, commercial and/or journalistic purposes. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please contact our staff prior to the program. If you would like us to delete your images, please send an e-mail to