Events — 28 Jan 2023

Stedelijk Museum Curator Amanda Pinatih will go into conversation with designers and artists Sondi, Wendy Owusu and Yinka Buutfeld from When Things Are Beings. Proposals for the Museum Collection.

28 Jan, 12.45 pm until 2.15 pm
Main language

The exhibition When Things Are Beings is part of the project series Proposals for Municipal Art Acquisitions, which is organised biannually with financial support from the Municipality of Amsterdam. The group exhibition When Things Are Beings reveals the power of objects and sculptures in a range of visual languages. Bridging the material and immaterial realms, the projects forge connections between ideas and objects, spirituality and materiality, and link social issues to tangible phenomenon.

We have invited three of the designers and artists from the exhibition to tell you more about their work and their work process leading up to the exhibition.

We recommend you to visit the exhibition either before or after the coffee talk in your own time.