Events — 1 Jul 2022

Free Heri Heri for all at the Stedelijk. On Friday night, July 1st, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam will be open with a special program running across the museum. During Keti Koti we remember the history of slavery and reflect on this history. An excellent opportunity to discuss and commemorate, and to celebrate the value of freedom. Pick up your Heri Heri meal at the museum and join the table, discover the collection through one of the speed tours or let yourself be surprised by the performances.  

Standard: € 9,95* – Reduced: € 7,50* (Students, CJP, Vrienden,
Museumkaart, Stadspas, ICOM or other valid museum ticket) - under 18: free of charge. 
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
1 Jul, 6 pm until 10 pm
Main language
Dutch and English

We have more in common than we think 

— El Anatsui

In the 1 July Friday night edition of Meet the Masters, the central focus is on El Anatsui. His impressive In the world but don’t know the world will be on show in all its glory, with extra spotlights during this evening event. El Anatsui’s work ties global histories together.  

Meet, eat, commemorate and celebrate 1 July together with performances, music and art. This day is also known as Keti Koti, Dia Di Lucha Pa Libertat and Emancipation Day. 

* You can pick up a meal at the Stedelijk Museum and, if you wish, join the program. Please note; a limited number of meals are available and we have a first come, first serve policy. 


6.00 pm
Start Free Heri Heri For All
DJ Nathifa
Welcome by Dionne Verwey 
6.30 – 7.00
Live music: Bnnyhunna
DJ Nathifa Exhibition: Tomorrow is a Different Day DIY in het LAFVALAB
Performance: Christian Yav (NL/EN)
Start Blikopener Speed Tours (NL/EN)
First stop: performance van Christian Yav
7.45 – 8.30
Meet the Masters: inspired by El Anatsui (NL) with interviews and music 
Performance: Christian Yav (NL/EN)
Start Blikopener Speed Tours (NL/EN)
First stop: performance by Christian Yav
Live music: Bnnyhunna
Start Blikopener Speed Tours (NL/EN)
10.00 pm
Museum closes
Free Heri Heri For All is een intitiatief van KIP Republic. Artwork: Lyne Lucien.


From 6.00, limited availability - Entrance Hall 

On July 1st we commemorate and celebrate the abolition of slavery in the territories colonized by the Netherlands. Free Heri Heri For All is an invitation by KIP Republic for the entire city to eat a heri heri meal as a way of collectively reflecting on this symbolic day—also known as Keti Koti. Heri heri is a Surinamese dish that originates in life on the plantations, and was the daily food of enslaved people for centuries. You are welcome to pick up a meal at the Stedelijk Museum, and to stay for the event program if you like. Please note that a limited amount of meals is available and they will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis.  


Ongoing, Old building

Look for the work of El Anatsui in this exhibition! The decades since the 1980s have been marked by dramatic global transformations—globalisation, migration, decolonisation, digitisation, the expansion of the primary and secondary markets, and the acknowledgement of various diasporas in art and society. These global and social shifts have not gone unnoticed by artists and designers, as the work in Tomorrow is a Different Day reveals. Ever-more responsive to the world we live in, artists use their work as a force for change. By voicing resistance, by challenging conventions, and by sharing narratives of hope and longing, they tell meaningful stories that resonate in our lives today.

El Anatsui, In the World But Don’t Know the World, 2009, aluminium en koperdraad, 560 x 1000 cm, collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam en Kunstmuseum Bern. Mogelijk gemaakt dankzij de Vereniging Rembrandt.


Entrance Hall 

Our host of the evening—theater maker, stage artist and presenter Dionne—guides you through the program. After completing her mime studies at the Academy of Theater and Dance in 2021, Dionne went on to shine in productions across the Netherlands with nuanced performances that capture time. She obtained an MA in Das Creative Producing in the summer of 2021, adding an aspect of social entrepreneurship to her work. In order to address contemporary sociopolitical issues on stage, Dionne finds inspiration in daily life. Dionne Verwey has won the Top Naeff Prize (2012) and Joop Mulderplak award (2020), and received two Colombina nominations for best female supporting role (2018 and 2021). The Dutch Theatre Jury described her performance in the coming-of-age production De Gliphoeve (2021) as “impressively versatile—Verwey’s drive, dedication and enjoyment leave you wanting more.”

Dionne Verwey. Foto: Len Land.
DJ Nathifa


Entrance hall

Nathifa Efia is a DJ who discovered music and fashion at a fairly young age through her artistic family. Her interests have only grown and continued throughout her career. Not only is she a DJ, Nathifa also founded her own fashion label called MY-OH-MY (now Lait de Coco). Her love for dj-ing started while spinning at events in her shop and ended up gigging at festivals in the areas of MY-OH-MY. Nathifa’s music choices are centered on female-friendly songs with the goal of empowering women. With her music she continues to surprise the audience and invites them into her world of nostalgic vibes and new discoveries. Her genres range from R&B, Hip Hop, Afro, Dancehall, Baile funk to 90's - 00's music. Instagram: @nathifaefia


6.30 and 8.30, Entrance Hall 

Bnnyhunna’s live band at the Stedelijk! Producer and multi-instrumentalist Bnnyhunna was born in the Southeast district of Amsterdam, with a Ghanese background. He quickly discovered that life would not always be easy for him, something he took as an inspiration rather than a setback. Through church activities, Bnnyhunna learned how to play various instruments including piano, guitar and drums. His musical career took off with his role as producer to artists like Gaidaa and Hare Squead. He also toured as a band member for Rimon and Yung Nnelg. Now he is eager to spread his own message, resulting in the unorthodox debut project Sintha. Bnnyhunna’s goal for this project is to alter the ‘normal’ experience of listening to music. Using art forms such as photography, videography and poetry, and influences from genres like jazz, soul, afro and hip hop, Bnnyhunna stimulates all the senses.  

Christian Yav.


7.00 & 8.00 pm – Monumental staircase

Christian Yav is a dancer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist originating from Congo and based in Amsterdam. At a young age he practiced acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics, later discovering his love for dance in 2007. After a successful dance career, which included participation in So You Think You Can Dance and collaborations with various choreographers and brands, Yav set out to continue his career as a choreographer. In that year he presented his first work: THEY/THEM, a physical translation of emotions invoked by racism, queerphobia and toxic masculinity. In 2020 Yav took part in Beyoncé’s BLACK IS KING and THEY/THEM was nominated for the VSCD Dance Prize for most impressive dance performance.  


start: 7.00/8.00/9.15 pm
4 tours of 15 people start per time slot
*Based on the composition of the group, the language of instruction will be changed to English or Dutch.    

Join one of the 30-minute speed tours and let the Blikopeners take you on a flash tour of various artworks: a chance to discuss their significance and how they relate to Keti Koti. Each tour starts with a performance. 

El Anatsui, In the World But Don’t Know the World (detail), 2009, aluminium en koperdraad, 560 x 1000 cm, collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam en Kunstmuseum Bern. Mogelijk gemaakt dankzij de Vereniging Rembrandt.

Meet the Masters: inspired by El Anatsui (NL)

7.45 - 8.30, Teijin Auditorium

You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy art. Each monthly Meet the Masters event introduces you to the work of an influential artist. In this edition we will look at the work of El Anatsui through the eyes of various guests including Rein Wolfs, director of the Stedelijk Museum, who will talk about its importance to the museum’s collection and artist Kenneth Aidoo, offering his perspective on El Anatsui’s work. And there will be music! By singer-songwriter Nana Fofie. This program is curated and presented by Mirthe Frese.  

Rein Wolfs: “In the World But Don’t Know the World by El Anatsui boldly calls for its inclusion in our world and in the Stedelijk collection. The richly and lushly draped material—innumerable used and bent bottle caps—represents the age-old trade relations between Africa, Europe and America, in which liquor was frequently used as an exchange currency in slave trade.”  



Rein Wolfs is director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam since the end of 2019. Wolfs (Hoorn, 1960) has a distinguished career, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. In 2013 he joined the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, when the institution was experiencing difficulties, and transformed it into a dynamic, thriving venue. Formerly he was also artistic director of Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, head of exhibitions at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and director of the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art in Zurich. In 2003 he curated the Dutch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.


Kenneth Aidoo is an artist who explores the positioning of black people in society through film, paintings, drawings and video installations. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2019 with a portrait series, exploring daily life experiences he had in the Netherlands. Other topics in his work include the triangular connection between Ghana, the Netherlands and Suriname, and what it’s like to have a bi-cultural identity. The drawings he made for his final exam were done in oil pastel– a style he still uses today.


Nana Fofie is a 27-year-old singer and songwriter of Ghanaian descent based in the Netherlands. The first time she performed was at her elementary school at the age of 6. That’s when she realized she wanted to become an artist. At the age of 22 Nana Fofie released her first video, Mad Over You Mashup, on Youtube. Doing covers was a way to express her passion for music. She never expected the cover, that’s currently on 6.7 million streams, to ‘’blow-up’’ like it did. In late 201 8 the American rapper, Nicki Minaj posted a video on Instagram in which, Mad Over You Mash Up, by Nana played in the background. By means of Instagram Nicki Minaj was able to get in contact with Fofie which followed with an invitation to open for the ‘’Nicki World Tour’’ in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome for 15.000 people.


Olivier van Beemen (1979) is a writer and journalist. He worked for many years as a correspondent in Paris for, among others, Elsevier, Knack and Het Financieele Dagblad, and wrote the much-praised book In Paris about this. His book Beer for Africa was published in 2018. This book is the result of five years of research and extensive discussions with Heineken's management. It is a sequel to the acclaimed Heineken in Africa, which was nominated for the Lira Scherpenzeel Prize for exceptional foreign journalism and led to questions in the House of Representatives and the European Parliament.


Mirthe Frese is a moderator, writer and program maker. In 2018, she wrote and performed her first solo performance, Retourtje Polen (“Return Trip to Poland”) for Theater Na de Dam. She is currently working on her debut novel (Nijgh & Van Ditmar publishers). Whether she is writing, making theater, leading a debate or creating a program, her main goal is always to bring together a diversity of stories, histories and opinions.

From top to bottom: Rein Wolfs, Kenneth Aidoo, Nana Fofie, Olivier van Beemen.


Throughout the evening – Historical building 

Tell your own story using bottle caps, just like El Anatsui! Creative collective Hotmamahot developed the LAVFA LAB in conjunction with the exhibition It’s our F*** Backyard. Hotmamahot sees value in waste and therefore chose to rearrange the Dutch word “afval” (garbage) into “lavfa”—not useless matter, but materials that you can endow with a new  

Foto: Claire Bontje.


Organizing Free Heri Heri For All is an initiative by KIP Republic supported by the following partners:

Vereniging Ons Suriname, The Black Archives, RIJKS, Tolhuistuin, Couscousbar, Amerpodia, NiNsee, Vereniging Antilliaans Netwerk,Scheltema, Pride of Colour Amsterdam, Black Achievement Month, Bijlmer Parktheater, Verdedig Noord, Canvas Black, Low Food en Food Cabinet

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