Gallery talks — 4 Apr 2014

Entrance price to the museum + 2,50 Public Program fee
Start in the Schiphol Lounge
4 Apr 2014, 11 am until 12 pm
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It is necessary to make a reservation. Book here 

The Stedelijk Museum is delighted to present a new series of Gallery Talks to accompany the exhibition Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up. The speakers are renowned experts in the field of industrial design such as Ingeborg de Roode (curator Marcel Wanders exhibition), BertJan Pot (Studio Bertjan Pot), Karin Krautgartner & Gabriele Chiave (creative directors at Marcel Wanders studio) and Sjoerd Vroonland (designlabel Vroonland & Vaandrager).

By inviting well-known designers and curators to organize a tour around a selection of exhibited works on the basis of their own work and expertise, the series of gallery talks offers new perspectives on the exhibition, beyond the historical or thematic narratives of design. 

More information about the speakers

In 2010, Sjoerd Vroonland and Arjan Vaandrager co-founded their design label Vroonland & Vaandrager. They already started collaborating at the carpenter school in Rotterdam. Since then, Sjoerd Vroonland specialized in product design at the ArtEZ  Art Academy in Arnhem, whereas Arjan Vaandrager developed his skills in wood technology at the  HoGent Nature and Technology in Ghent.

The expertise of Vroonland & Vaandrager lies in the encounters of material. Between armature and lampshade, between table top and table leg. They have nothing to hide, in fact: the craftsmanship must be visble! Instead of hiding the technical connections, Vroonland and Vaandrager emphasize the beauty of structure. The result is often as sober as poetic. The innovative products often arise from historical icons. Materials, techniques and forms that we all know. The archetypal bike saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland & Vaandrager use their best features and find new ways to apply them.