Gallery talks — 13 Dec 2019

Join these extended Gallery Talks and look at the Icons of Modern Art from three different perspectives, with three different speakers.

Museum entrance + €3,-
Studio A
13 Dec 2019, 3 pm until 5.30 pm
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As the slogan on the façade of the building of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam advertises, visitors can ‘Meet the Icons of Modern Art’ in STEDELIJK BASE. This collection presentation serves as an introduction to the history of modern art and design, a compilation of ca. 700 selected works from the museum collection of circa 90.000 objects, the result of 125 years of institutional gathering. Canonical works illustrate important art historical movements in both a chronological and an open-routed manner which allows for personal links and interpretations.

During this event, the historically grown museum collection is considered as one of multiple possible constellations and the collection presentation as one of many stories that can be told about cultural production globally. How can these narratives be expanded and/or revisited? The gallery talks will experiment with and present personal gestures that address this question from various perspectives: artistic, art historical and intersectional feminist.

Artistic: Tatjana Macic, artist and teacher of research at the Royal Academy of The Arts, The Hague, will be performing an ‘intergalactic cross-pollination’ of ideas, inspiration and critical discourse, rooted in rhizome theory. She interprets the collection of the Stedelijk Museum as an ‘ecosystem’ of artworks, in order to enhance its ‘biodiversity’. This brings about unexpected connections between artistic and cultural practices throughout time. The performance ‘Intergalactic Pollinators’ will be conducted by students of the Royal Academy of The Arts.

Escalator, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, foto: Tatjana Macic.

Art historical: Maurice Rummens, researcher and museum curator of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, on diversifying the canon from within the museum collection itself. This talk will highlight ‘new icons’ in relation to the exhibition Chagall, Picasso, Mondrian and other Migrant Artists in Paris which is an alternative reading of works in the collection from the first half of the 20th Century, and a story of finding your way in a polarised society and art world.

Emmy Andriesse, ’Paris’, ca. 1950

Intersectional feminist: Rosa Wevers, PhD researcher Gender Studies Utrecht University and member of the Museum of Equality and Difference (MOED) collective, will navigate through the collection presentation STEDELIJK BASE and address questions of in/visibility. What is the role of representation in museums? How can we critically engage with, and reimagine established canons? She will invite you to reflect on the politics of in- an exclusion that are at play in museum spaces.

Agung Kurniawan, Balada romi dan basuki, 2017


15.00 – 15.05 uur
15.05 – 15.20 uur
Introduction – Mariska ter Horst (Studio A)
15.25 – 15.55 uur
Gallery talk 1, 2 and 3 (Base 1 + 2 and expo)
16.00 – 16.30 uur
Gallery talk 1, 2 and 3 (Base 1 + 2 and expo)
16.35 – 17.05 uur
Gallery talk 1, 2 and 3 (Base 1 + 2 and expo)
17.10 – 17.30 uur
Reflection / Discussion (Studio A)
17.30 uur
End of program / Drinks at own expense
22.00 uur
Museum closes


Mariska ter Horst, independent curator and initiator of this event, is conducting a research project at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, funded by the Mondrian Fund, and explores the potential meaning of a sustainable use of museum collections. In this context, ‘sustainable’ is primarily referring to future-proof, thereby focussing on the first component of the trinity ‘people, planet, profit’ which this term usually describes. Her project can be framed in wider discussions about the role of museums in times of globalisation and polarisation. Mariska will introduce the overarching theme and individual speakers as well as moderate the closing discussion.