Gallery talks — 7 Mar 2022

You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy art. In this online edition of Meet the Masters, we’ll take a dive into the work of artist Remy Jungerman, and you can ask your own questions to the master himself. 

7 Mar, 8 pm until 8.40 pm
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Dutch, English subtitles
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This edition of Meet the Masters will zoom in on the oeuvre of Remy Jungerman; he guides us through his working process, the materials he uses and the stories behind his work.

Jungerman's work is characterized by layering; layering of the materials as well as in the narratives. Nothing in Jungerman's works is literal, so what, for example, are we to make of the chickens that pop up in his work?

Rhythm is also an important aspect in Remy Jungerman's oeuvre, so the virtuoso jazz drummer Sun-Mi Hong brings the rhythms in Jungerman's work to life during this program. Poet and storyteller Onias Landveld will write and perform a text especially for this evening, inspired by Jungerman's work. Both have developed a unique (visual) language in which different cultural influences come together.

Art critic Roos van der Lint introduces the evening with a reflection.

This program is curated and moderated by Mirthe Frese.

Meet the Masters: Remy Jungerman


Remy Jungerman (1959) was born in Moengo, Suriname. He attended the Academy for Higher Art and Culture Education in Paramaribo and moved to Amsterdam in 1990 to complete his training at the Rietveld Academy. Jungerman's mother was of African heritage, his father of European descent. In 2005, his father died and Jungerman returned to Suriname for the funeral. While there, he also visited his mother's family altar and took part in ancestral worship rituals. Jungerman’s mother is a descendant of the Bakabusi (the people behind the forest) also known as Brooskampers. These Surinamese Maroons were led by granman (paramount chief) Broos, escaped enslavement on Dutch plantations and founded their own community in the Surinamese rainforests. Jungerman honours his indebtedness to the culture of the Maroons through the act of creating. The exhibition Behind the Forest presents a number of key artworks produced over the past fifteen years, including the installation Visiting Deities, consisting of three large horizontals - 'bearers of the past' - above a table in a dry riverbed. Jungerman presented this installation during the 58th Venice Biennale, now once more on display at the Stedelijk. Also on view is Broos, a film composed of photographs and brief film clips Jungerman made during ancestor rituals held by descendants of the Bakabusi on the Rorac plantation in Suriname.

Photo: Aatjan Renders


Roos van der Lint (1985) has been an art editor on the editorial board of De Groene Amsterdammer since January 2014. Earlier, she studied art history in Leiden, did an internship at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and visited art events worldwide. She previously worked as an editor at Kunstbeeld and wrote for various art magazines about contemporary art. In 2016, at the invitation of the Mondriaan Fund, she wrote the essay 'Het boek in de kunst - Een provocatie van de tijd'.

Sun-Mi Hong

Born and raised in In-Cheon, Korea; Sun-Mi has a unique perspective of life after her last ten years in Amsterdam. With a signature of rooted groove in combination with well-tempered outbursts, Sun-Mi has placed herself strongly in the Dutch jazz scene. By approaching the moment in a somewhat meditative fashion, she achieves the ability to bring something entirely original to the band stand. Recent accolades include winner of the SENA Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 and Edison Award Winner 2021 in the National category for her last album ‘A Self-Strewn Portrait’ (ZenneZ Records).

"Sun-Mi Hong's compositions have a wide span of tension and continue to fascinate because composition and free passages merge seamlessly. Subtle and probing rhythms alternate with driving percussion.” - Edison Awards 2021


Onias Landveld Onias Landveld(1985) is a writer, voice over actor, storyteller, spoken word artist and the former Poet Laureate of the city of Tilburg. In 2015 he won the Van Dale Spoken Award for Storytelling and since then he’s been teaching concerning spoken word and (corporate) Storytelling. The later he teaches at the Radboud University but also at companies and institutions. As an artist he has created exposes for the Dutch National archives and museums. He performed in Europe and the Caribbean at festivals, for municipalities and multiple institutions. Currently he has a one man show called Roots and Cassave, wherein he entails the origin of his names and expresses his marroon identity. He mixes stories with poems to create a moving narrative. His next solo show is called Kunu (Curse) and is an eclectic performance of animation and theatre. In this, he plays Elegua, an African/Afro diaspora deity who is tired of people. Onias was born in Suriname, but fled the country due to a civil war in 1989. Since 1998 he has been living and working in the Netherlands again after moving back to Suriname in 1992.


Mirthe Frese is a moderator, writer and program maker. In 2018, she wrote and performed her first solo performance, Retourtje Polen (“Return Trip to Poland”) for Theater Na de Dam. She is currently working on her debut novel (Nijgh & Van Ditmar publishers). Whether she is writing, making theater, leading a debate or creating a program, her main goal is always to bring together a diversity of stories, histories and opinions.


You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy art. During each monthly Meet the Masters program you will be introduced to one central, influential artist. In the program we will look at this ‘master’ through the eyes of several guests, who will share their fascination with us in a passionate manner and a variety of forms.

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