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From the 9th of February to the 18th of August 2019, the Rabo Lab is themed around the exhibition Pinball Wizard: The Work and Life of Jacqueline de Jong.
The Stedelijk Museum is free for children <18 years old.
Unlimited time
The RABO LAB is free to explore.

At the Rabo Lab, there’s always something to do. Every Lab has a link with something you can see at the Stedelijk: an exhibition, artist or collection. 

Have fun and play pinball in the Pinball Wizard Lab. Experiment and build your own pinball machine, try it out—see if it works, and ... score! Roll the ball down the stairs and count your points. There’s a real pinball machine at the bottom of the stairs: can you beat the highest score? Proud of your score? Leave your name and high score on the scoreboard!

Would you like to design your own pinball machine? Register for our workshops on 17 March and 14 April 2018 at

About Jacqueline de Jong

Jacqueline de Jong is a visual artist, and designer and she worked at the Stedelijk Museum from 1958 to 1960. She has been making paintings since she was 20. You can see them in the exhibition on this floor. Her work is very varied: from small to large, and in many different styles. She also made magazines. For this, she did a lot of research in the library, copying pictures, and sometimes, when no one was looking, cutting pictures out of books.

Jacqueline de Jong loves playing pinball, and you can see this in her work. She’s fascinated by how pinball machines work. All those buttons, lights and sounds: shouldn’t they be in a museum? Jacqueline thinks they should!


Concept: Margriet Schavemaker, Nina Hama, Maren Siebert in collaboration with Robert Lambermont and Jacqueline de Jong
Design and realisation of pinball modules: Atelier Robert Lambermont
Design and realisation of large pinball machine on the staircase: Carlo Siep
Wallpaper design: Jacqueline de Jong and Koosje Ruigrok
Pinball Wizard Lab design: Eva Heisterkamp
With thanks to Gerard van de Sanden of the Dutch Pinball Museum and Ellef Prestsæter